The universal grinder use regulations and swing particles machine maintenance
Universal grinder use regulations
  Universal grinder are hopper bucket outside of the following feed regulation flapper should adjust the flapper to the blanking size, according to the degree of friability of the material and the grinding fineness, indeed when the position and tighten .
  The universal grinder beneath the discharge port, if the discharge of the amount of material wind caused slightly spray material phenomenon, should be in a material bag plus port bundling material by Higuchi bag slowly spillover.
  Should be carried out before the first boot once empty running test, commissioning should be preceded by checking the universal grinder sites to confirm whether the universal grinder qualified.
  Universal grinder has a water-cooled, plus use should be used to avoid damage to the bearings.
  The universal grinder installation and debugging
  1. Fixed-gear Imperial the Imperial went bolts can.
  2 fold the Royal universal grinder bearings, first open cavity, the Royal derotation chainring or rotary knife, take away the maze and the center bearing cap, then Imperial to the outer end of the pulley and bearing cap, which launched both ends of the axial Imperial go to both ends of the bearing and shaft.
  Installation still keep the alignment of the the shaft cavity bush hole oil eye.
  Install universal grinder screen sieve circle close to the machine cavity shoulder tank, otherwise damage sieve circle when the door is closed.
  5. Making universal grinder sieve ring, mesh expand the length should be the root noted in the sieve circle shoulder sized screen damage manufacturers should be equipped to do.
  Install universal grinder screen: the two sieve Circle merged alignment mark and then sieve into within the sieve circle, such as the mesh too tight, then push out the screen inward curved into can.
  Rock particles maintenance methods:
  (1) Swing particle the machine lubrication: lubrication cycle refueling time: ① general parts per run three days; ② The Rolling 1 # calcium based grease every 3 months.
  (2) rock particles maintenance
  1) maintenance cycle: (1) motor: checked once a month; ② each class using the time of the rock particles the machine overall seized enterprises.
  2) maintenance of content:
  (1) periodically check the reliability of the insulation resistance of the rock particles machine electrical system components and the control loop and then zero, to ensure the safe use of electricity;
  ② check swing particles machine parts on a regular basis (monthly - the times), check whether the active portion of the worm, worm, bearings and other rotating flexible and wear, discovered defects should be repaired in time, may not continue to use;
  ③ the transmission part of the rock particles should all drive, refueling time, add the midway may be part of the operation;
  ④ worm gear box to be long-term storage of oil, the oil surface height worm gear fully immersed in oil, the continuous use of the aircraft, the required oil change every three months;
  ⑤ before rocking operation of the pellet machine idling confirm normal run, well-oiled, before normal operation;
  When you and ⑥ swing particles machine after use or lockout time, you should remove the rotating drum cleaning brush cleared the remaining flour sub in the bucket, and then properly installed, ready to work for the next;
  (7) if a longer time to discontinuation must swing the particle machine clean.
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