Universal grinder is a green machine
The universal grinder shredder products increasingly rich as a model of excellent gradually recognized by the market. Universal grinder is the relative motion of the the use activities chainring and fixed-gear, so that the material impacted by teeth, friction and material between the impact crushed. Universal grinder with medicine, food, chemicals, materials and other industries should be from the industry can be seen, universal grinder grinding different materials and different environments can meet industry demand. The machine made of stainless steel, to meet the multi-industry standards, crushing chamber is equipped with a water-cooled jacket to adapt to the most heat-sensitive materials crushing requirements.
  Universal grinder is easy to manipulate, easy maintenance, and more and more customers recognized its excellent production capacity to meet the production needs of most users. Maintenance, compact universal grinder is also part structure, no dead ends, freely cleaning cleaning easier. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan and other provinces in the country, there were many universal grinder manufacturers, most as iron, carbon steel to produce the whole appearance is not beautiful, rough grinding chamber, easy to rust, not good clean-up, major castings roughing made, machine precision is not high, cause machine vibration noise, the advantages of low cost, less simple process, production capacity, the price is low.
  Universal grinder is also a green machine, the machine no pollution, noise, separate Configuration aggregate room, baghouse dust to get the full collection, to meet customer requirements for cleanliness, because of the dynamic balance good, but also significantly reduce noise. The universal grinder grinding knife group equipped with blades, to increase the grinding chamber of the gas flow to guarantee the production, but also reduce the temperature in the grinding, more suitable for crushing some poor liquidity, with sticky materials. The screen is also equipped with a variety of specifications, even if there is residue can respond freely.
  The universal grinder the universal grinding equipment is commonly used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and some processing plants, power range from 1.5KW-11KW, voltage use of 380V, 220V public electricity only 130 and 180 models. Most of the iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, with the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization and application fields of industry standards, increasing material requirements are the most suitable for each common industry grinding equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, try to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of users.
  With the development of the industry of pulverizers and universal grinder, the endless stream of all kinds of grinder, universal grinder suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, construction and other industries. Hard and difficult to crush materials processing, including grinding of plastic, copper, Chinese herbal medicine, rubber, etc., but also as micro-mill, attritor processing equipment before the procedure. Position do their purpose and clarity of their choice machine will be able to help you choose a suitable for your own grinder.
  There are many types of universal grinder, customers can purchase according to the characteristics of their own material.
  1 winnowing Chinese medicine grinder: the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine (including fiber bit of fats and oils and a bit viscous classes) of various nature, are ideal food crushing effect, the fineness of similar products in the best, up to 200 mesh, work long hours the body should not be fever, crushing most satisfactory models of Chinese medicine the best customer reaction; drawback is that the crushed material is completed there will be a small amount of residue can not be crushed.
  2 experiment with a grinder: the advantages of various materials have good crushing effect, especially pearls, chemical raw materials, minerals and most traditional Chinese medicine, the built-in screen thickness adjustable; drawback feed size should not be is too large, the output is very small, only suitable for experimental sample preparation crushing.
  Attritor YSC series models: the use of the weight of grinding, shearing the form of ultrafine grinding equipment to achieve dry materials. It consists of a cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheels, grinding rails, fans, material collection system. Material by feeding into the mouth of a cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheel along a circular motion grinding rail rolling, shear crushing. The crushed material through the negative pressure caused by the fan airflow with the crushing chamber, into the material collection system, through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, complete pulverization.
  4, experimental attritor: fineness of up to 325-3000 mesh, can make the cell wall of the Medicines and easier to release the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, to raise Chinese medicine effect to reduce the amount of medication (such as Foshan hospital of Chinese medicine to treat a cold end of the Yinqiaosan 1150 cases, the dose equivalent to the original square silver piece 2/11 same effect; Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital clinical Prescription and some single herb from August 2000 to August 2002, after traditional cooked and dry sterilization, processing into ultrafine powder, do not add any excipients, does not make any extract water prepared a new type of traditional Chinese medicine can be taken by more than 400 cases, and over a hundred kinds of inside and outside the women and children common clinical trial, to obtain more satisfactory results can reach reduce medicinal dosage of 30-80%, reduced drug volume 50-70% saving herbs, to save on health care costs, improve efficacy, no new adverse side effects, replacing patient decoct trouble carrying taking convenience purposes, there are good social benefits, by patient welcome), boiling water paste end blunt there is no feeling of the ordinary in powder choking astringent throat, secluded bright prospects for the development of Chinese medicine and innovation. The disadvantage of low output noise.
  5, small high-speed grinder: Advantages easy to use, grinding speed, drugs lossless, pearls, chemical raw materials, mineral, and the majority of Chinese medicine ideal crushing effect; drawback is that some of the material grinding fineness uneven, is not suitable for The large doses processing.
  6, low noise shredder: the advantages of lower noise at work, to meet the health standard, built-in screen thickness adjustable ideal crushing effect of the pearls, chemical raw materials, mineral, and the majority of Chinese medicine; drawback is easy to heat the body, The working time is not too long, not a bit of fats and oils and a bit of sticky material crushed.
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