Comparison of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer and microwave vacuum dryer
Double cone rotary vacuum dryer suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries concentrated powder, granular and fibrous materials, mixing, drying and the need for low-temperature drying of materials (such as biochemical products, etc.), but also easily oxidized easily volatile, heat-sensitive strong stimulus, toxic materials, and does not allow the destruction of the drying of the crystalline material. Belt / chain two elastic coupling, and thus the equipment running smoothly. Specially designed craft, fully embodies the two axes of good concentricity, the HTM and vacuum systems are used reliable mechanical seal or rotary joint. The machine can be variable speed, but also thermostatic control. The heat transfer medium from the high temperature thermal oil, the temperature steam and low temperature hot water readily available. Drying viscous material in the tank for you specially designed "copy board structure.
  Here are several advantages of the microwave vacuum dryer:
  And efficient conventional vacuum dryer steam heating, heat from the inside to the outside, heated slowly takes a lot of coal, and microwave vacuum dryer using electromagnetic wave heating, no heat transfer media, direct heating to the interior of the object, heating speed, 1 kW of microwave energy within 3-5 minutes at room temperature under water heated to 80 ℃, to avoid the above disadvantages, so fast, high efficiency, greatly shorten the drying cycle, and reduce energy consumption. Compared with conventional drying technology can improve the ergonomics more than four times.
  2, a vacuum drier heated uniform microwave heating, is from the inside to the outside of the material, while being heated, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the material is very small, not produce conventional heating condition of the internal and external heating inconsistent, thereby generating the puffing effect, help pulverized, so that the dry mass of greatly improved.
  3, vacuum dryer is easy to control, to facilitate continuous production and automate the microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia characteristics, easy-to-real-time control, the temperature can be adjusted between 40 ℃ -80 ℃.
  The vacuum dryer volume, easy installation and maintenance, and do not account for much of venues.
  5, good product quality and extend the shelf life of food, save the original flavor of food and nutrients, to retain the physiological activity of the raw materials, enhance the functionality of the health food and increase the value of agricultural products, microwave vacuum dryer. Compared with conventional methods, the processing of product quality has greatly improved.
  6, microwave disinfection and sterilization efficacy, product safety and health. Long shelf life.
  7, the significant economic benefits. Traditional drying time is very long, very slow speed, energy consumption, high processing costs. By microwave heating, you can save a lot of energy, and improve the speed of heating and drying. This is because the microwave penetrating, at the time the object is heated, and does not require any media, and may be both inside and outside of the material while heating. According to the information at home and abroad, the use of microwave equipment heating the material, its speed and performance is 4 to 10 times of conventional heating methods.
  From the above-described characteristics, energy conservation, energy, and improve product quality, health and safety, and low cost of investment in equipment can be seen aspects of its economic and social benefits significantly.
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