What the drying equipment models selling? The most widely used is the boiling dryer
Dryer is a wide range of different purposes is also a feature of the drying technology. Each technique has its own suitable application areas. In engineering practice, according to the specific circumstances of the the applicable dry type of technology. Investment costs, operating costs, product quality, environmental protection requirements will have a significant impact. For example, a particular enterprise, dry white char-grilled black filter once were selected box type
  Drying, spray drying, the whirling airflow three quick-drying type. The final results show that these three technologies have their own strengths. Box-type drying produces silica low productivity, labor intensity, but good quality products. The products generated after kneading with the rubber tensile strength values ??higher. The rotating airflow fast drying the production of silica, the product of the indicators is centered among the three, but with liquidity, dust pollution, by users and operator Welcome. Raised in the the drying equipment sector in China in the 1990s for the production of silica which drying method is more advanced, has debated. In fact, the three devices have their own characteristics, the choice of a model depends on the user's own conditions and product requirements. There is no conclusion of which technology is more advanced. There are many similar examples, show that the drying equipment, a wide range of different purposes characteristics. Application to carefully compare carefully chosen technical solutions, drying experiment to assess the technical program is also essential steps.
  Drying equipment on the market, a variety of drying models have their own characteristics, each has a style, use up most of the market are the following models:
  Is a boiling dryer
  Boiling dryer as a dryer drying equipment market is among the most well-known, the boiling characteristics and the role of the dryer is also accounted for in the highest position
  The second is a belt dryer
  Belt dryer is a freshly produced models with near dry, although facing the market also did not get much attention, but the practical application of which also has a very broad sense, little strengthen Cheng Kung University
  The third is a flash dryer
  Flash dryer fast as lightning characteristics, mechanical dryer which king king is strong, drying equipment is essential for the chemical industry as a
  The fourth is a Spray Dryer
  Spray dryer and the former has a very good performance, the biggest advantage is it less of a field of view of the public need can be resorted to spray function, rapid completion of the work operation
  The fifth is the air dryer
  Air dryer can be divided into the the pulse air dryer and air dryer belt, is the best of a dryer in drying equipment market, characteristics of work time is short, fast flow back and forth fortune.
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