The rapid development of China efficient boiling dryer technology applications
The Chinese efficient boiling dryer technology applications is by no means confined to the chemical industry but in all walks of life, is very extensive, and with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, high-boiling the dryer technology applications will further broaden the potential market very large. Agricultural products, for example, Japan has produce efficient boiling dryer equipment roughly 150 to 170 million units, while China only 20,000 units. On the one hand, the degree of agricultural mechanization in China is not enough; efficient boiling dry on the other hand also shows that our concept of consumption, there is still a vertical dryer features large gap (moving bed). Crop efficient boiling dryer directly affect crop products boiling drying industry started late, rapid development, the outlook is good quality, such as rice Crack, crack threshing is not due, but efficient boiling dryer and efficient boiling dryer technology issues. Efficient boiling dryer and efficient boiling dryer process will also affect the the crops taste and nutrients.
  Fully catch up with the international level of the advanced countries in order to make our efficient boiling dryer technology, a lot of things to do, but the close integration of academia and industry is one of the very important factors. In this regard, we started early, Dalian University of Technology, the Chinese Academy of Forestry tertiary institutions, the research institute to develop research Spray efficient boiling dryer technology, not only to win the favor of the domestic market, the end of the past spray efficient boiling dryer machinery rely solely on the import of the situation, but also to break into the international market.
  China from an efficient boiling dryer country Fluidized Granulator foundation sealed boiling dryer Zibo advent of theoretical research, we must further strengthen and consolidate the application of research and application development foundation in technology to strengthen automatic Chinese medicine pharmacy School - concentrated with efficient boiling dryer degree, test technology, manufacturing processes and materials Material design and other aspects of research. In application development, it is necessary to pay attention to international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights; should not only focus on the new technology, and new areas of application development, but also pay attention to the reform and innovation of traditional crafts and traditional applications. As a manufacturing enterprise, management innovation, technological innovation efforts in the product on the upgrading efforts in accordance with the high quality requirements of low power consumption, environmentally friendly adjustment of product structure, the culture of competitive advantage, promote integrity services, to promote enterprise development.
  The boiling temperature of the dryer automatic control system is the use of the original instrument and relay control, the the device heating temperature of the system in the course of the upper limit and lower limit quite different, is not conducive to the production. Equipment the heater outer surface of the insulation layer is thinner, production and heat loss, dust removal device rings wire easily broken to cause a lot of trouble in the maintenance process, in order to ensure the stable performance of the equipment, technological improvements boiling dryer.
  1.1 Principle of the boiling dryer known as fluidized bed, using a hot air stream so that the suspension of the wet granules, and fluidizing boiling performs heat exchange so that the material moisture evaporated by hot air away, which uses hot air flow of the material into gas , the solid suspensions contacting quality heat transfer mode, the purpose of the drying of the wet granules. Boiling dryer technology involves two interrelated processes of heat and mass transfer. In the convection drying process, the hot air through the wet material contact with the heat transmitted to the surface of the material, and the material then passed from the surface to the internal, which is a heat transfer process, and the wet material is heated, the surface water is first gasified, while the internal water diffused into the surface of the material in liquid or gaseous, and continue to be gasified into the air, so that the material moisture is gradually reduced, the completion of the drying, which is a process of mass transfer.
  1.2 workflows materials transported to skip the boiling dryer, in the top of the cylinder under seal through the seal and dryer. Then, the air in the cited fan powered under purification by filtration device, radiator heating, and then by air distribution plate (mesh) allocated into boiling dryer.
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