Boiling dryer analysis a relatively dry equipment industry in the development process and universal grinder
Drying equipment industry development trend of the future will likely favor a more in-depth study of the principles and materials of the dryer drying properties, we need to know the different materials drying equipment and to the optimal operating conditions for development and improved dryer to achieve a best value for money.
  Further a basic drying apparatus trend is to its large-scale, high-strength and high economic and mainly to improve the adaptability of raw materials and product quality, but also to further research and development of new and efficient and can adapt to special The requirements of the dryer, such as modular dryer.
  In order to develop more long-term, you also need to take into account the comprehensive utilization of dryer emphasis on energy conservation and energy aspects, such as various joint heating and transplantation heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar driers, drying equipment full automatic control technology, which can guarantee the realization of the optimum operating conditions.
  The universal grinder apply to pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, construction and other industries. Hard and difficult to crush materials including plastic, copper, Chinese herbal medicine, rubber processing, crushing, as micro-mill, attritor processing equipment before the procedure.
  Throughout the development of a general view of the 2012 universal grinder, to improve universal grinder energy utilization, and lower product granularity, material finer crushing effect grinder industry has been the pursuit of.
  The universal grinder also known as stainless steel food grinder hammer mill grinder Efficient Mill multifunction shredder chemical grinder preparations grinder, is developed on the basis of similar products for Japan, Germany and USA. The universal grinder simple structure sturdy smooth operation, easy cleansing crushing effect, was crushed directly by the grinding chamber exhaust particle size obtained by changing different aperture sieve universal grinder for the manufacture of stainless steel. Universal grinder chassis inner wall machined to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models the inner wall of rough plot powder phenomenon, the Food and Drug chemical production more in line with national standards, to achieve the requirements of GMP. Universal grinder is a practical model of the most commonly used pharmaceutical food plant chemical plant hospital preparation room clinic outpatient department, health care products factory building materials factory feed mill and other units.
  It is learned that universal grinder impact crusher, the material into the crushing chamber by six activities of high-speed rotary hammer impact, the ring gear and material colliding crushed, crushed material help airflow through the sieve hole into Sheng powder bags, leaving no residue. With high efficiency, low noise, work performance and product quality is reliable, the advantages of operating safety, health and loss of small drugs.
  Currently, even ultrafine pulverizer still certain limitations in the mechanical treatment process, it can only some of the hardness is small, relatively dry material nature processing for greater hardness, higher viscosity of the material crushing effect also not very mature, mainly two aspects in the products are not granular enough not uniform, in order to expand the field of application of the device also requires a difficult journey.
  After decades in particular, nearly a decade of research and development, non-metallic minerals industry has made great development, deep-processing technology continues to improve, narrowing the gap with the industrialized countries, basically raw materials needed to meet their own industry and related fields quality requirements. Experts suggest, containing fiber materials in the pharmaceutical industry, it is best not to use the universal grinder, switch to herbal medicine grinder.
  Many crushing experts believe that the direction of development of the material universal grinder should be to reduce the extrusion pressure to improve the roll-speed, multi-stage grinding and closed circuit grader completely grinding operations. Therefore, the study and application of a new type of ultra-fine grinder shredder production trends towards energy saving.
  Universal grinder industry is still the world's advanced level in the manufacturing technology and process level some differences, for a domestic shredder industry enterprises, continuous efforts and exploration is still the main task of crushing machinery industry development to fight for better hardware facilities.
  Fluid bed dryer, domestic commonly known as step granulation machine, introduced in the 1980s based on the same type of foreign products, the digestion and absorption, improved design from. Since the device is easy to operate, superior performance, sophisticated manufacturing, especially to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical, food industry to GMP, much the field of pharmaceutical, food welcome. The device is particularly suitable for the Chinese and Western medicine as well as food and dry granulation, obtained particle disintegration, good mobility, good instant, tablet, capsule and can be directly used to make granules and solid drink.
  According to incomplete statistics, China has about 6000 Chinese and Western medicine pharmaceutical factory, which have thousands of the implementation of the transformation required by the GMP requirements. These companies must follow state regulations, completed in 2004, the first GMP transformation only way to survive, or they will be eliminated. These enterprises conducting GMP transformation, almost every choice boiling dryer. In the international market, the developing countries and the least developed countries and regions, still favor cheap dry granulation equipment. Our products with developed products with significant price advantage, therefore in the 'fifteen' two years ago, the demand of the domestic and foreign markets step granulators every year will be incremented, but two years later in 2003 With the pharmaceutical industry GMP transformation was complete, the demand will be saturated, and the rapid downturn.
  In addition, the domestic high-tech biological engineering is booming, it is estimated that this equipment during the '15 'strong demand.
  In addition to pharmaceutical plants, domestic and international food and feed production enterprise value boiling dryer needs a tendency to expand.
  It is worth noting that, compared with developed countries, domestic products are still some gaps in the quality and technical level. Drying equipment manufacturing enterprises in China must continue to learn from advanced international technology, combined with the experience of actual use, explore new techniques, develop new technologies, and to participate in international competition to come up with new products.
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