Channel mixer direction of future development and equipment characteristics
Groove Mixer enterprises in China are low-cost expansion of the road to go. Into a bloody "Red Sea" - that is, the a known competitive market space in the overcrowded industry market. In order to survive and develop each other to keep the prices down, to rely on the "price war" to participate in the competition, the results fell into the low end of the industry chain struggling.
  In recent years, the active support of the policy carefully under the guidance of the Association, spontaneous aggressive entrepreneurs, Groove Mixer industry in China started a "Blue Ocean" Battle of various enterprises to actively adjust the product structure, take the differences in development of the road, and continue to extend the high-end products, open up new markets, and ultimately achieve enterprise lasting profitable growth.
  It is understood that the channel mixer power, set the mixing time, press the switch to flip back and forth to get the mix of products to make the material through mechanical transmission, the machine is all stainless steel, easy to use, convenient, suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical , food plants, especially suitable for high uniform requirements, material difference in specific gravity material mixing.
  For China's Groove Mixer entrepreneurs, they have a dream, is to go through the "Unusual Way" core competencies to enhance Groove Mixer industry in China.
  It is reported that the pharmaceutical type mixing is a newly developed mixing equipment, mixing mainly applied to the powder or granular materials. The cooling mixer will complete thermal mixing process materials rapidly cooling. To exclude the residual gas of the hot mixture compound to facilitate the storage, transportation and subsequent processing of the materials, the mixed material contact parts are stainless steel, aluminum and other high quality materials and raw materials, and to ensure that the raw material mixture is not contaminated.
  Future, with the continuous progress of science and technology, and the continuous efforts of the researchers, groove mixer will be able to continue to meet the changing market demand. In particular, is a strong proponent of energy conservation and environmental protection, groove mixer will toward the development of low-carbon, green direction.
  Channel mixer applications:
  Mixer unit by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, promote the materials flipping back and forth, uniform mixing, electrical control operation, and can be set mixing time to automatically shut down, thereby enhancing the mixing quality of each batch of material. Channel mixer power, set the mixing time, press the switch to flip back and forth to get the mix of products to make the material through mechanical transmission, the machine for stainless steel, easy to use, convenient, suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food plants and so on.
  Trough mixer characteristics:
  The liquid mixture mainly rely on a mechanical stirrer, a gas stream and the jet of liquid to be mixed, to be mixed with the material is agitated, in order to achieve uniform mixing. Agitation to cause a portion of the liquid flow, the flowing liquid and push the surrounding liquid, to form a recycle stream results in the dissolved within, the diffusion between the resulting liquid is called the main convection diffusion. For density, the different components, the immiscible liquid, stirring the shearing action and a strong turbulence to the density of the liquid into small droplets shredder and to uniformly disperse it to the main liquid. Stirring the liquid flow rate must be greater than the settling velocity of the droplets.
  Channel mixer may malfunction simple there are several, including start-up, host vibration host oil spills and so on. Usually how to pay attention to these aspects?
  Startup difficulties and can not start, the cause of this phenomenon is generally attributed to the following three cases, including three corresponding solution: 1, full load and overload start running, solution: reduce the load, the first operation after feeding; 2, the power is not connected to the lack of phase responses: access to power for an electrician check the line; 3, the voltage is too low, countermeasures: avoid the peak voltage is normal.
  Second, a host of small channel mixer vibration and noise abnormal sound, including five kinds of incentives and five corresponding solutions for this phenomenon: 1, damage to the propeller shaft, countermeasures: Replace the propeller shaft; 2, the installation is not adjusted Countermeasures: reinstall and adjust the mixer horizontal plane;, spiral blades damaged Solution: Replace the spiral blades;, gearbox damage responses: replacement of the damaged parts of the gearbox; 5, no oil or lubrication pump oil Countermeasures: add oil or replace oil pump or clean up the oil pump pipe obstructions.
  Third, a small trough mixer cylinder body leakage, this phenomenon was mostly because of its seals, as follows: 1, the viscous material into the sealing member, the solution is to clean the seal member; 2, aging or damage of the sealing member, The countermeasure is to replace the seals.
  The popular channel mixer with good dispersion, the use of a wide range of easy to use, long life, small investment, quick, on many occasions. The many channel mixer operator for its day-to-day maintenance and fault repair inexperienced, so that small problems do not timely maintenance drag became a big failure, thus greatly shortening the life of the channel mixer. Therefore, the common failure to understand and master channel mixer and solutions, as well as the day-to-day maintenance of the channel mixer method is necessary.
  In addition, the experts also cautioned: always pay attention to the maintenance and upkeep of type mixing. V-belt falling slack should be adjusted to prevent belt slippage and wear, but also should prevent too tight heating, electrical wiring and should avoid moisture.
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