Of universal grinder in agricultural production
Universal grinder in the agro-processing micronized, can produce evaporation of water removal and water can remove the material. Usually about 10% of the amount of water removed was evaporated. Such as additional heat, the amount of water removed more. Generally 8-16% moisture content in agricultural products and there is free water and bound water. Have a high water content of the material (such as fruits, vegetables), can be pre-dried to remove most of the water before smashing processing the remaining free water evaporation with air emissions in the process of crushing. The universal grinder crushed at the same time can take care of moisture evaporation and exclusion.
  Grinder can directly generated soot body so that the material after processing, and its average particle size in the micron and sub-micron level. Micronized particles are small, the resulting a unique micronized characteristics: such as with medium force significantly strengthened; improved uniformity mixed with other substances; dispersion, inclusive, stretching, adsorption, solubility, affinity, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, explosive, reinforcing and thermal properties are undergoing tremendous changes. In the case that does not change the molecular structure, its physical properties significantly better than the coarse particles. Greatly increase the reaction rate in a chemical reaction. This change of the physical properties of agricultural products, and improve developed more new products quality, and expand the usefulness of agricultural products, and improve the value of agricultural products. Food raw materials for the food industry to provide high-end.
  The agri-food in powder processing caused degeneration and modified materials, because the material in the adjustment of the powerful impact of airflow, the physical and chemical properties of the material make changes, particularly in the beans, grain processing, the effect is more pronounced. The miniaturization of agricultural products, so that small particles than large area, our efforts to improve product quality and enhance the flavor of agricultural products. More obvious, especially in the use of flavorings, herbs. The requirements of the mill in the particles can reach the setting effect.
  The universal grinder-use activities the chainring and fixed teeth disc see the high-speed relative motion, so crushed by the teeth of the impact, the combined effects of friction materials and their impact was crushed. The universal grinder apply in medicine, agriculture, food, chemical, alloys, metallurgical, geological, scientific research units, multi-species, the use of small quantities of herbs, precious medicinal herbs, ore, chemical raw materials crushed.
  Alveolar by precision machining of universal grinder, inside the enclosure (crushed slot) so as to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean up, change the rough inner wall of ordinary grinder, easy to build up the powder, hard to clean up the phenomenon, the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. production more in line with national standards, GMP hygiene requirements.
  Universal grinder for use
  The universal grinder entire packing, unpacking, moved to the appropriate location, place a smooth power on to trial.
  Should be checked before use mechanical transmission parts loose and other irregularities, the direction of operation of the machine should be consistent with the direction of the arrow.
  First 1-2 minutes of no-load test, to be seen no anomalies before feeding, feed should be gradually increasing the logistics amount, and observe the motor power consumption of power and functioning at any time, be feeding the power balance in normal operation, scheduled to die blanking gate work. Midway as a result of the material is too moist, knot sticky too large impact flour drying materials should be or replace a coarse sieve. Replace the sieve just the front cover can be opened, the front cover should pay attention to both sides of the hand wheel elastic line installation, ensure the front cover and the casing seal. Parking should stop feeding, the operation of the machine for 5-20 minutes before parking. In order to reduce the residual materials.
  Maintenance and repair of the universal grinder
  Regularly check the bearing, the replacement of the high-speed butter, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, should always check the wearing parts subject to wear serious phenomenon must be promptly replaced.
  Universal grinder use, such as spindle speed gradually receded, the motor must be down-regulation, which will enable the machine to achieve the required speed, abnormal should stop to check.
  Non-metal material flows inside the machine, such as nails, iron boot.
  Should be cleaned after the end of the work, the residual material of each part of the machine, disable a longer time must wipe the machine with a tarpaulin cover.
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