Universal grinder oil cooling system failure solution
Universal mill feed speed is too fast, the increase of the load, causing blockage. In the process of feeding, always pay attention to ammeter pointer deflection angle is large, if more than the rated current, show that motor overload, overload a long time, will burn out the motor. Appear this kind of circumstance should immediately reduce the discharge door, can also change the feed way, by increasing the feeder to control the feeding amount. Feeder with manual, automatic two, users should choose the right feeder according to the actual situation. Because universal mill high speed, load, and load the volatility of the strong. Therefore, the current universal pulverizer work of the general control in about 85% of rated current.
  Ensure universal pulverizer friction disk quality does not affect the lubrication:
  Real-time monitoring of the friction disk just change the friction disc, to observe the effect on lubrication system.
  Lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirements of the lubricating oil: regular sampling analysis, ensure the lubrication oil to lubrication requirements.
  Cooling system is not plays the role of cooling: cooling lubrication system with Basco water cooler, take the lubricating oil using cooling water continuously flowing heat, when driving, touch oil import and cooler with the hand, found that the temperature difference is small, almost imperceptible, visible single cooler effect is not obvious, cooling water and lubricating oil the heat exchange time is too short, the 1 cooler in series in the cooler, double cooler, heat exchanging time is prolonged, the water inlet pipe outlet pipe first cooler into second cooler, the cooler tubing into second sets of first cooler.
  After the transformation, two fine cone drive at full load oil temperature does not exceed 51 ℃, within the scope of protection to protect the oil temperature, so that the tapered without a stop, can greatly improve the production capacity and system efficiency of cone, lower energy consumption, has made considerable economic benefits.
  Universal mill since 84 "hydraulic cone breaker protection of oil temperature range of 21 ~ 54 ℃, beyond this temperature range, control of the main motor in the oil temperature gauge of the trip and cut off the power, high summer temperatures, two fine cone break due to the heavy load, high temperature, driving after a period of time, the oil temperature is close to or more than 54 ℃, in order to protective equipment only human parking or any of its automatic tripping, and each time the trip should be the internal friction surface cooled to a certain temperature to be driving again, resulting in a class of multiple parking, seriously restricted the cone crusher production capacity, influence system efficiency improvement, therefore, 84 ″ hydraulic cone crusher cooling system imperative.
  Through the analysis and transformation can be achieved: reducing the high temperature caused by frequent start and stop, improve the cone crusher production capacity and system efficiency.
  Analysis of the causes of the high summer temperatures, cone crusher heavy load, resulting in high temperature lubricating system, the critical value of oil temperature often reaches or exceeds 54 ℃ meter trip off, resulting in a class of multiple open system, parking, severely restricting the normal capacity of cone crusher, impact system efficiency improvement.
  After the analysis of the investigation, we determined the cause of high temperature lubricating system are: (1) the friction disk of abnormal wear surface or oil tank; (2) lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirements; (3) cooling system is not plays the role of cooling; (4) oil flow is less.
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