What is the horizontal boiling dryer? How to properly install the equipment?
Horizontal boiling dryer Overview:
  Boiling dryer; known as fluidized bed; After 30 years of use; improved; increasingly reflect its important role in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, food processing; Host of horizontal boiling dryer air filter, fluidized bed, cyclone, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console. Due to the different nature of the dry material; matching dust horizontal boiling dryer; according to need; cyclone, bag filter can be selected simultaneously; also choose a. In general; larger proportion of materials simply select the cyclone. The proportion of lighter materials required supporting bag filter; equipped with pneumatic feeding device for selection.
  Horizontal boiling dryer principle:
  Clean the allocation of hot air through the valve plate into horizontal the fluidized drying machine body; wet material from the feeder into the hot air to form a boiling state. Extensive contact with hot air and materials; enhance heat and mass transfer process; therefore in a relatively short period of time can dry. Enter from one end of the body of the bed, after several tens of seconds to several minutes of boiling dry, automatic outflow from the other end of the bed body. The horizontal boiling dryer generally negative pressure operation.
  Horizontal boiling dryer application:
  Pharmaceutical drugs, chemical raw materials, food, food processing, feed drying operation. Such as; bulk drugs, tabletting granules, Chinese medicine, health food, beverage granules, corn germ, feed, plastic resin, citric acid and other powder, granular materials drying dehumidifier. Applicable materials diameter is generally from 0.1 to 6mm, the optimum particle size of 0.5 to 3 mm.
  Horizontal boiling dryer Description:
  Horizontal boiling dryer each horizontal lying flat boiling dryer needs is anchored, good sealing of various parts; fan can be placed the silencer indoor outdoor construction or word. The layout may exercise discretion in accordance with the specific circumstances of adjustment.
  Horizontal the boiling dryer installation area and location requirements
  Horizontal boiling dryer installed clean area in Hedong preparation workshop fifth floor (top floor), storey six meters (top band structure slope), the water curtain precipitators (if any), induced draft fan and muffler installed on the roof of the rooftop.
  Clean area installation environment clean level D grade.
  Horizontal boiling dryer installed in a suitable location, easy operation and maintenance of horizontal boiling dryer.
  Two the boiling dryer should be symmetrical layout, requires boiling in the two horizontal the drier middle passage inspections and damper adjustment, saving manpower. Must facilitate the replacement of the junior high efficiency, the bag must be easily replaced.
  Should provide horizontal boiling dryer Dimensions horizontal boiling dryer installation layout, the outfall location map.
  Horizontal installation should consider boiling dryer ground cleaning convenience Area.
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