The rock particles machine in plastic granulation industry development
Plastic particles, is commonly known as plastic granules, plastic raw materials to semi-finished form of storage, transportation and processing molding. Use of mechanical regeneration particles, is a developing new ways to waste plastic recycling is a low investment, fast income, non-polluting, family investment, the ideal project SME conversions, no investment risk. All kinds of plastic (plastic sheeting, woven bags, convenient bags, beverage bottles, plastic pots, buckets, old sandals, etc.) can be processed into plastic particles are made of particles from cleaning to the operation of machinery. The recycled particles widely used kinds of plastic products manufacturers, woven bag plant, cement plant, blown film plant, etc.. Production vary in size, liquidity 3000.00 yuan, a site of 100 square meters. The hydropower convenience can be put into production line of plastic particles: waste plastics classified automatically broken washing → → thermoplastic molding → automatic pelletizing → finished packaging (capital return).
  Recycled plastics industry in China started earlier, and made a great contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection, the main achievements and great prospects, but the status quo is not optimistic. Our waste plastics resources, tremendous wealth, but poor circulation, development and utilization of a serious shortage. The industry is basically a small workshop-based, employing their own way, the lack of exchange and cooperation, and obsolete equipment, lack of technology, poor management, new ideas, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, the popularity of fatigue, it is difficult to be transformed into practical productive forces, the result low-grade products, and set up factories in a serious loss of profits. An early start in a few areas industry, employing more naturally formed a certain scale, capitalize on the trend of the local government, nurtured an annual output value of several hundred million dollars of recycled plastic industrial park, but still facing the concept of lag, lagging technology, management lag bottlenecks in the development of development direction is unknown, a serious shortage of stamina. Recycled plastics industry is the lack of pilot flagship, a rare professional brand.
  Plastic granules industry, there are some problems, but it is undeniable, plastic granules industry has become a large industry. By recycling waste plastics, the country save energy, reduce environmental pollution. The part of people get rich first, Xianfu led rich. Provide employment opportunities for local residents, also attracted considerable a person of foreign personnel working. Tax revenue for the country. Moreover, the current plastic granules machinery industry output value annually about 10 billion yuan, about $ 20 billion domestic market demand, there is a lot of room. Chinese plastic is rich in resources, the main synthetic resin in the early 21st century the annual output of 1.4 million tons, ranked four in the world. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China synthetic resin production to a rate of 5% -10% growth. China is a big country of plastics consumption, According to statistics, the annual consumption of the world's second, after the United States, China's per capita consumption is only 19kg, ranked 32 in the world, 11% -20% of the industrial countries , showing that China's plastics industry is bigger development broad swing pellet mill machinery prospects.
  Swing particles Scope:
  Rock particles machine is a rotating drum swing role through a wire sieve can be wet powder materials research into particles, also widely used for crushing has become the pieces and be ready with the particles.
  , Rock particles machine the wet together the powder in chemicals used as research into particles after drying for compressed tablets, they can be crushed and condensed into a block or block sub-caking chemical process during storage , rock particles deal with candy and sugar mixture and malt milk products used in the food industry as in other industries, such as ceramic, plastic mix forming particles.
  3, rock particles machine does not apply to the use of semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear.
  Rock particles machine wearing parts ring mold (the general life ring mold 420 800-1000 tons of wood pellets, 508 arrived in 1000-1200 tons); pressure roller shell (generally 5-6 pressure roller shell into a ring mold life); pressure roller bearing fuel consumption, etc..
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