Failure analysis of rock particles and energy-saving technologies
The failure of the rock particles generally have the following:
  The rock particles fault analysis: to Host the current instability.
  Production reasons: uneven feeding, the main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication, unheated. Period heater malfunction or phase right screw adjustment pad wrong element interferometer.
  Disposal methods: troubleshooting, check the feeder and, if necessary, replace the bearing. The main motor of the overhaul, if necessary, replace the heater. Check the heater is working properly, pull out the screw check screw with or without interference phenomenon, examine and adjust the pad.
  The rock particles fault analysis: main motor can not start.
  Causes: car sequence is wrong, you should check whether the fuse burned ring; Main Motor thread; chain device works with the main motor.
  Disposal method: press the correct drive order car, check the order, check the main motor circuit, check the status of the main motor interlock. The oil pump does not open, check the oil pump is started. The motor can not be opened, shut off the main supply air classifier for 5 minutes after the re-start, the inverter induction is not discharged, check whether the emergency button to reset.
  The rock particles fault analysis: the nose discharge poor or clogging.
  Causes: poor materials, plastics. Heater certain does not work or wide molecular weight distribution of the plastic. Operating temperature is set low, unstable. There may be not easy molten foreign matter.
  Disposal methods: replace if necessary, check the heater, if necessary, in consultation with the craft. Verify paragraphs set temperature; raise the temperature setting; cleanup check extrusion systems and nose.
  The rock particles fault analysis: main electric start current is too high.
  Causes: torque, the lack of heating time, a certain period of the heater does not work.
  Disposal methods: not an easy car to be hand drive cars, prolonged heating or check each heater is working properly.
  The rock particles fault unusual sounds: the main motor.
  Causes: The main motor bearing damage. The main motor thyristor rectifier circuit certain SCR damaged.
  Disposal methods: Replace the main motor bearings. Check cleanup extrusion system.
  The rock particles machine electromagnetic induction heating Saver by the electromagnetic induction heating coil, and an electromagnetic induction heating controller, is a use of the principle of electromagnetic induction energy is converted to electromagnetic energy for heating the apparatus. The electromagnetic heating Saver 220V 50/60Hz AC rectified into DC, and then convert the DC power frequency 20-40KHz high frequency high voltage. Electromagnetic heating device temperature cables specially designed high-speed change in high-frequency high-voltage current through the coils will produce an alternating magnetic field of the high-speed change, a myriad of small eddy current is generated when the magnetic field within the magnetic field lines by the magnetic conductive metal material in the metal body, the metal material itself its own high-speed heat, so as to achieve the desired heating effect. [2]
  Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new type of high-frequency heating technology, after researchers in research and development, production of energy saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system, the heating efficiency is increased to 90% (up to 99.8%). Detection, energy saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system installed in various plastic processing enterprises for plastics processing enterprises, energy-saving effect is very obvious, saving electricity up to 30% -70%. Fully embodies the advantages of energy saving, save a lot of electricity costs for plastics processing enterprises to improve production efficiency and improve the workshop environment, thereby directly reducing indirect production costs.
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