Different boiling dryer and vacuum dryer
Different boiling dryer and vacuum dryer
  Vacuum drying and boiling dryer is drying equipment, we have two comparison and difference, so that the user selection of drying equipment for their own business.
  And the design of vacuum dryer for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, can be filled with inert gases, especially some compound material can dry quickly. Low oxygen content under low pressure when dry, can prevent dry material oxidation, can be dangerous goods dry flammable and explosive; be in low temperature water vaporization of material, easy to dry heat-sensitive materials; recycling dry materials in the valuable and useful components; can prevent the toxic and harmful substances in the dry material emissions, can become the environmental protection type "green" drying. [
  Vacuum dryer is a vacuum dryer is through the smoke to the air inside the container reaches a predetermined vacuum degree, member inside container moisture removal equipment. Drying time, vacuum in the tank, the jacket through hot water (or steam, conducting oil heating, tank) with rotary, the material in the tank has been under, and into "Diamond track" movement and absorption of water vapor through evaporation, vacuum line continuously discharge, to achieve material drying purpose. In the dry mixture at the same time, according to customer requirements, filtration, crushing and other built-in spray device can realize the multifunction operation.
  Drying equipment in the market, vacuum dryer as drying machinery an important role, it appears that the chemical industry, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry has been very good help, greatly promoting the market. Vacuum dryer used in dyes, pigments, paints, feed, fertilizer, chemical fiber, rubber additives, chemical, light industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and other industries of high humidity, high density, high viscosity, thermal paste, powder or granular materials drying.
  Vacuum dryer set crushing, drying, classification on the whole, the input is "mud", spits out the fine powder; energy consumption of unit product is low, dry strength -- "of energy-efficient equipment"; the equipment is compact, small size, large production capacity -- "small equipment, production"; the system has good sealing property, product yield high, reducing environmental pollution, "the country"; the drying time is very short, products of good quality, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
  The hot air enters the air distribution in the tangent cone bottom of high-speed into the dryer, dryer upper part of a ring baffle - Classification, (classifier above called "grading") to those in the larger particles, or high moisture material, due to the centrifugal force was thrown to the dryer cylinder wall, graded stopper back to dry section, to dry, only those who reach the degree of drying and particle size smaller material with hot air from the classifier ring inner hole into the cyclone separation. The formation of wind is strong in mixing driven by a spiral feeding into the dryer, material, broken into small pieces in under the action of stirrer, and hot air, heating, drying, full contact and collision, each other in the centrifugal effect under the strong friction and the particle, in a fluidized state. (from the inlet to the bottom of the drying temperature zone is also called the "flow".) Most of the water in the material flow evaporation of period. Dry particles after drying by hot air into the upper, continue to dry in the cyclone field. The dried product continuously from the star unloader discharging bagging. The damp heat air by bag filter, fan discharge.
  Boiling dryer is the use of air through the heat exchanger after heating, the formation of air into the host through the valve plate distribution, wet material from the feeder into the dryer, by the action of wind pressure, material to form a boiling state in the dryer, and extensive contact with hot air, thus completing the material drying in a short time.
  Through the powder granulation, improve liquidity, reduce dust emissions; improving the solubility through the powder granulation; mixing and granulating, drying completed in one step inside the machine granulation.
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