Boiling dryer works and equipment advantages
   Boiling dryer is the use of the filtered clean air, through the heat exchanger, the heat convection, so that the air temperature rises to a certain temperature into the host wind Jane, the distribution of valve plate into the boiling device, temperature and material from the feeder into the boiling dryer, due to wind pressure, boiling state materials in fluidized dryer with form, hot air and materials have extensive contacts, enhanced heat and mass transfer process, in a short period of time to make the material of the evaporation of moisture separation, boiling dryer generally have negative pressure operation. 0.1-6mm, the best particle size is 0.5-3mm. Boiling dryer automatic production, is the continuous drying equipment. Fast drying speed, low temperature, can guarantee the quality of products, in conformity with GMP requirements.
  Clean air into the bed through distribution of valve plate, from the feeder into the wet material is hot forming boiling state. The hot air and material widely contact, heat and mass transfer increases, so in a relatively short period of time can be drying. Such as the use of continuous type, material enters from one end of the bed body, after a few seconds to a few minutes boiling dry bed body, automatically from other head out. The general negative pressure boiling dryer.
  The main purpose of boiling dryer:
  For granular materials drying, such as: pharmaceutical drugs in the raw material medicine, pellets, granules of Chinese medicine, chemical raw materials in the plastic resin, citric acid and other powdery, granular material drying, also used in food and beverage powder, food processing, corn, forage and dry. The material grain size up to 6mm, the best 0.5-3mm.
  Boiling dryer products can be mixed, granulation, coating, drying, completed in one step inside the machine granulation, get microporous globular particles. Boiling drier through the powder granulation, improve product fluidity and solubility, the dust is reduced; the antistatic fabric equipment, safe operation. It sets up a pressure relief hole, when the explosion occurred, can guarantee the equipment and personnel can not be damaged. No dead angle, material loading and unloading fast, clean, and can meet the requirements of GMP. The product can be used for pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, granulated feed, fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff industry, granule, pill for protective layer, color preparing etc..
  The characteristics of boiling drier application technology in the pharmaceutical industry:
  1 heat transfer effect is good, the temperature inside the bed is relatively uniform, thermal capacity coefficient is very high, large production capacity.
  2 because of the temperature distribution in the fluidized bed is uniform, can avoid any local overheating product, so especially suitable for some thermal drying
  3 for continuous operation in the same device, can also be carried out in batch operation;
  The residence time of the 4 material in the dryer can be adjusted according to need, so the product moisture stability;
  5 independent electrical cabinet and PLC human-computer interaction control, integrated all drying parameters setting, safe and convenient operation;
  6 drying device a few mechanical transmission components, low investment cost of equipment repair, less workload.
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