Rock particles machine structure characteristics and advantages
Rock particles machine widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, granulation of health care products, chemical, fertilizer, building materials, smelting industry. Particle machine factory production, can be used for powder processing, feed processing, chemical processing, food processing, applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, feed, food and other industries to create a variety of particles. Rocking granule machine is only used for grain production, not suitable for solid, liquid, paste or ground use.
  Rock particles machine is composed of a motor, a triangular belt wheel, worm and worm gear transmission, the eccentric crankshaft and the lifting rack under the action of the five angle, gear hob cutter shaft with the periodic reciprocating rotation. The material constant motion and the screen and rotor clearance control and extrusion particle, its production capacity is changed with the moisture in the materials, type, viscosity and network for different purposes. And can produce various specifications of particles.
  In the crushing dry, condensed into the bulk material impact crushing in the drum made of five angle hob, and force the material through the screen.
  Rock particles machine structure
  (1) tectonic hopper and granulating device is according to the installation, cleaning, use convenient design principles. Parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, guarantees the product clean.
  (2) each component particle manufacturing device is completely sealed, preventing oil mixed with raw materials.
  (3) rock particles machine screen pipe clamp is used to clamp the screen, in order to ensure the screen close to the rotating drum is not loose, loose by regulating the screen, a ratchet and pawl locking screen to adjust the pipe clamp.
  (4) the user can according to product requirements, select the appropriate screen, manufacturing all kinds of particle.
  Rock particles can be wet powder made of desired particle, can also be massive in material is crushed into the required particle. Also can be irregular for some sticks and fragile, easy to loose, brittle materials, the use of broken broken up, as a former milling procedure. Not suitable for solid, liquid, paste or ground use. Rock particles is not suitable for semi solid, liquid, paste or wear with. Rock particles machine is a mechanical transmission, the friction force, roller rotation, powdery material in the rotating drum is rotating, the effect from the screen holes is discharged out of the machine. Tight and loose and adjust the screen drum speed, grain size and density control of particles in some extent.
  The main characteristics of particle machine swing:
  1 low energy consumption, low noise, high yield, yield up to 700kg for one hour, convenient operation, convenient repair.
  2 the roller granulation.
  3 roller easy disassembly, convenient cleaning. Easy to change.
  4 mechanical transmission system is totally enclosed in the machine body, safe operation.
  5 parts in contact with the local made of stainless steel, durable.
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