Reflect the rock particles machine operating rules and advantages
   Rock particles when the machine is running, the elastic loading and screen position directly impacts the particle quality. Hopper feed amount and small screen central relatively loose, the rotating drum can increase the drum of soft material, particles prepared crude and closely; conversely, the prepared particles of fine particles and soft. Add cooked mixture concentration or amount, or increase the soft material through the screen number, can make the hard grains.
  Rock particles mechanism of particles in general particle size is uniform, is conducive to the wet uniform grain drying. The main characteristics of rock particles machine for rotating the drum rotation speed can be adjusted, the screen is easy to assemble and disassemble, can also be appropriate to adjust the tightness. The mechanical transmission system are all sealed in the body, and a regulating system. Improve the parts of life. But because the granulation process by direct compression roller screen and granulated material, extrusion pressure and friction on the large screen. Easy to produce the metal debris pollution disposal using metal screen. Nylon mesh as easily damaged and need to be replaced frequently, attention should be paid to the use of.
  Rock particles machine advantage is reflected in what areas?
  (1) rock particles machine capable of forming a particles do not need other ancillary machine.
  (2) swing below granule machine has the advantages of small volume long two meters wide and one meter machine can be moved according to the wheel, can go to the fields of processing raw material saving transportation cost, there is sufficient raw materials can go where processing, does not need to set up a factory in the investment, saving a large amount of investment in plant, reducing the investment risk.
  (3) rock particles of diesel and electric dual-purpose, mobile production can be changed to a diesel engine as power, without no three-phase electrical problems. Small investment, big output. Obvious benefit.
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