Boiling the components of the dryer repair and maintenance work
Boiling dryer repair and maintenance operations
  Check the boiling components dryer is intact, and disinfection by boiling dryer disinfection procedures. When the equipment is operating, hand, foot and object shall not extend into the cone cylinder, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. First stop the sampling, as found in a rigid foreign body into the machine, should stop in time, discharge and then drive.
  Check whether the boiling drier air compressor lubricating oil, whether to have the cooling water tank, if it is discharged.
  Mounted on cloth and other components, switch on the power, check the automatic, manual switch is flexible, and set the relevant data.
  The prepared granules to promote boiling dryer, open the boiling drying, and strict control of each drying wet grain weight not exceeding 100 kg, control the drying temperature and time.
  The drying process through the window at any time to master the grain drying conditions, and according to the process control of the drying process.
  Drying is finished, close the boiling dryer power, out of the material in the dryer.
  Boiling dryer bearing and gear life, typically 2-3 years. Cycloid pin wheel reducer lubrication need to periodically check the oil level, the normal level at 1/2-2/3, the new device in the full load running 50 hours after huanyou. According to the boiling dryer cleaning equipment health program.
  Each class to check the oil once, if the lack of timely add oil. The main gear box, distribution box, gear oil, grease, transmission part of the head should be checking every 6 months. As additional or replacement of gear oil, grease. The bottom of the screw shaft bearings running 500 hours after a wash, (new machine running for 100 hours after the first washing), disassembled parts, if found damaged should be replaced promptly. Should strictly check the bearing with grease. According to the boiling dryer maintenance program maintenance equipment.
  Boiling dryer repair and maintenance operations
  Boiling dryer operators in each operation before inspection of steam valve, compressed air and the range table is normal.
  Check, bag sealing ring is a convex, flat head screw is loose, to prevent the car crashed into.
  Check the fluid bed dryer hopper blade is too tight, blade tightly coupled with the material resistance, causing agitation increased motor drive load, drive bump broken or motor burned.
  Check the boiling pressure machine, pneumatic sealing ring is 0.1 ~ 0.15Mpa, high pressure is easy to cause the seal burst, too low not to seal leaking powder, influence the production efficiency and the drying quality.
  Check the fluid bed dryer compressed air pressure is too high:
  Easy to cause the cold and hot air cylinder air momentum ambassador to live broken or damaged, affecting the drying effect leak sealant.
  Boiling drier bag frame cylinder thrust is too large, the push rod bend easily.
  On a regular basis, the filter bag cleaned once a month, from the boiling drier air enters a loose framework, screw, remove the bag first with detergent soak for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water, drying.
  Regular transmission fluid bed dryer stirring device in the cleaning and lubricating oil.
  Regular transmission gear boiling dryer machine to add the lubricating oil, lubricating records fill in boiling dryer.
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