Maintenance parts and equipment to the universal grinder
Material crushing important realized by universal mill, mainly to the effect:
  1, are: with the large particle crushing, crushing into fine powder, such ability make the chemical composition of several hybrid solid different materials to obtain the average results good.
  2, with the development and application of dissociation: mineral resources, and the useful components of many minerals and impurities closely together, in order to make the ore effective synthesis from, as long as the sufficient crushing, after processing capacity will be useful ingredients and impurities leaving, and removal of impurities is pure concentrate.
  3, size classification: in industrial production, because the request production process in detail, there are strict request to the solid material particle size.
  Universal grinder quality is not easy to damage, however, often easy to have fault bearing smooth aspects that influence of universal mill task force and normal task, so on the universal mill bearing smooth is more in need of special attention, bearing universal grinder smooth and how to deal with the issue of whether review all fasteners fasteners. Review the drive belt can install accurately and in good condition, if the invention belt damage should be replaced in a timely manner, when the belt or the groove wheel with oil, use clean cloth to wipe clean. Review the protective installation can be good, if the invention protection installation is not peace scene, should be promptly removed. Review the damaged cavity without material or other sundries, if sometimes should eliminate clean. Review of hydraulic jacking machine head or rod can return the top screw, adjust shim can accurate installation and pressing. Fan universal mill on the repair is a difficult problem, repair methods are inappropriate is not up to the goal of repair, also can make the fan completely scrapped. Fan universal mill fault often emerge on the impeller impeller is important as the rivet head is worn, the rivet hole easily cause fatigue crack, the impeller is not balance. If the impeller of the rivet head is worn, can through a pressure impeller hub for electric welding and surfacing, let wear of the rivet head back to original normal condition. Easily cause fatigue crack on the rivet hole condition, whole new electrode can not used for welding repair cracks, but taking the impeller axis is the central symmetry, the crack repair welding electrode in the rest of the rivet hole crack, and then a new electrode patch relative to said, the rest of the rod and symmetrical rivet welding repair left after the electrode as long, fill up the same components in order to guarantee the welding. If the rivet hole symmetry without crack will welding here, to fill the new welding component cancellation symmetric cracks at rivet holes. In accordance with this symmetrical compensation way to repair cracks in welding.
  The universal mill fan the emergence of individual is due to unbalanced in the process of Fan Impeller Repair of each component, uneven cause. If the focus spot welded on the opposite side of the impeller, or light weight make it balanced, perhaps with angle grinder grinding on the impeller weld mark, can reach the equilibrium, so that you can wind machine repair to work properly. Pay attention to, the fan repair process which can not be used for welding to welding, the weld mark left to the impeller, so as not to affect the balance of fan impeller, less repair target, the formation of a greater loss.
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