The boiling process and production type dryer
In the production process of solid preparation, boiling dryer equipment is often used. Boiling dryer with heat transfer effect is good, large production capacity, uniform temperature distribution, operation forms, material retention time adjustable, low investment cost and repair workload tumors. In the country after use and improvement of 30 years, has shown its unique status in the dry areas, boiling dryer at present and in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and so on more shows its important role.
  Boiling drying and fluidized bed drying, it uses hot air flow to make the wet particle suspension, fluidization of boiling the materials for heat exchange, through the hot air to take away the evaporated water or organic solvent, the hot air flow of gas - solid two-phase heat transfer on suspended contact materials, to achieve the purpose of [1] wet grain drying the. Fluidized bed drying technology relates to heat and mass transfer between two processes. In convection drying process, the hot air through contact with the wet material will be transferred to the water surface of the material, the surface to the inside the material, which is a heat transfer process; and the wet material after heating, surface water first gasification, and internal moisture in liquid or gaseous diffusion to the surface of the materials, and evaporating into the air, so that gradually reduce the moisture in the materials, drying, which is a mass transfer process.
  Boiling drier from the form is a kind of air convection drying equipment, compared with the conduction type drying equipment, energy consumption is larger, but if you take some measures, it can achieve good energy-saving effect. Suggestions: (1) the sealing effect of strengthening equipment. At present most boiling dryer hopper and the device body adopts the plane flange connection, poor sealing effect, recommended design with concave and convex flange connection; Custer wine imports pump (2). Many are adopted pipe winding finned heat exchanger, steel pipe can save material cost, but the heat effect is not good, recommended to use copper (; 3) increase the insulation measures. The heat exchanger shell adding insulation, reduce heat loss.
  Boiling dryer work flow: delivery of material to fluidized bed by car, the sealing ring and sealing by boiling bed in the cylinder lifting effect. Then, the air in the role of wind power, the purification filtering device, the radiator heating, the air distribution plate (screen) distribution in fluidized bed (chamber). The hopper material formed in air and under stirring, boiling state (i.e. fluidization), in contact with large area of gas, solid, material internal water (or solvent evaporation and discharge air) with away in a relatively short period of time, the material is dry.
  In the actual production process parameters, boiling equipment dryer operators for each production to set and modify, can not guarantee the same products using the same equipment process parameters for production, there is no trace of. According to GMP, parameter requirements of production process equipment can store a certain amount of production, to ensure the repeatability and traceability, each user to set according to the number of varieties. Boiling drier General requirements can store 50 kinds of production process, and the current domestic equipment mostly can't do that. Suggestions for improvements and extensions to the PLC control system, a mechanical actuating mechanism, the function is more perfect. If has enough memory, can store a variety of production process, provide on-site printing parameters, data storage, data and data PC connection function.
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