Use and rock particles machine, universal mill advantage
Universal grinder is also called stainless steel mill, crusher food crusher hammer mill multi-functional grinder grinder grinder is based on chemical preparation, Japan and Germany the United States similar products technology development. Universal mill of simple and firm structure stable operation and easy cleaning crushing effect is good, be crushing cavity size can be obtained by replacing the screen with different mesh directly through the grinding, universal grinder for manufacturing stainless steel material. Universal pulverizer casing are machined to a smooth surface, changed type wall is coarse before powder accumulation phenomenon, the food and drug and chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirement of GMP. Universal grinder is a practical model research department of pharmaceutical preparation room clinics food factory factory hospital health products factory, building materials factory feed factory and other units of the most commonly used.
  Universal grinder using a movable fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc relatively high-speed operation, to be crushed by the fluted disc impulse universal pulverizer friction and collision among the material and crush. Grinding can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the particle size is determined by the change of different mesh size of the screen. This machine has simple structure strong, stable operation, the crushed material is quick and uniform, good results. This machine is made of stainless steel material, the interior of the housing (grinding groove) all slot by precision machining so as to achieve a smooth surface, easy cleaning, changing the ordinary grinder wall roughness Yi dust is difficult to clean up the phenomenon, the food and drug and chemical production more in line with national standards, reached GMP hygiene requirements.
  In the traditional tapping and grinding process, difficult to overcome is the material heating sticky and degeneration phenomenon, and universal pulverizer adopts the high-speed rotating turbine, generating a strong airflow in the grinding chamber. Material from the feed inlet under negative pressure is sucked into the crushing chamber, vortex vibration split the airflow in the blade and module are powerful generated by shock, shearing and grinding due to mechanical and air flow crushing chamber heat away, so in the process of grinding heat generated will not be accumulated temperature, refined powder through the sieve filter, improve production efficiency, grinding fineness can be regulated by replacing the screen, fineness uniformity and stability.
  Universal pulverizer is applicable to chemical medicine dye coating pesticide food sugar salt plant fiber (Chinese herbal medicine rhubarb and licorice) insulation material carbon activated carbon industry and scientific research.
  Swing granulator is pressed into a block or strip of feed mixed feed rock particles machine. Can be directly to feed into the groove or scattered in the pigsty ground, let the cattle feed. Small feed rock particles machine put into use has brought great changes to our life, has now become the mainstream products in the market, period of time appeared out of stock phenomenon.
  Swing granulator is mixed feed or feed feed rock particles of different sizes from press strip granules. So small feed general swing granulator is enough to finish our needs, besides the small feed rock particles machine price is also very cheap, his role is very much, then we put into use not only as a feed swing particle machine, can also be processed some other swing particle machine, the effect is very significant.
  Feed rock particles machine structure is also very characteristics, he and some large swing granulator, his entrance at the top, we when processing feed directly into the top, but it should be noted that must be evenly into feed, the disadvantage is that if too much will he suffocated, so on host a very bad influence, the original host is small, but if the long-term received outside influence, so will greatly shorten the life, so the protection of these machines is one way to increase the efficiency of our work, this machine has an advantage is processing method of rock particles other than can be his the machine itself can adjust many feeds and processing, the size can be adjusted, compared with the large feed rock particles machine are so much simpler, so small feed swing granulator slowly became a special product of feed processing.
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