Installation, safety operation rules rock particles machine
Rock particles machine installation instructions
  1, rocking granule machine for the packing, after devanning moved to appropriate use of local, you can use the pad after.
  Unit 2, electrical wiring, is not subject to the direction of rotation limit, line is composed of a base below through the belt cover connected to the switch card, cable clamp.
  Swing granulator operation rules
  1 check the rock particles machine parts fasteners are loose, the hopper and no sundries, lubricating oil is sufficient worm gear reducer. Start rocking particle machine, mix into the bucket, the swing rotary drum, squeeze the material particles are formed through the screen, such as grinding pieces, should gradually joined, not filled, so as to avoid the pressure is too large, and the screen vulnerable. Powder hopper such as powder stop, must not be hand to shovel, so as to avoid the injury accident, application of bamboo spatula or stop work.
  2 electrical control combined switch for HJ1010/3 type, combination switch is located on the left side of the fuselage, directly control the motor start and stop, idle for two minutes, no abnormal phenomenon can work.
  3 five angle hob on both sides of a two screen tension rod, rod end is provided with a bakelite knob and a ratchet wheel, to the hopper lateral rotation knob, can make the screen to collapse, ratchet and pawl prevent screen loose, tighten the two fastening screws work, avoid the screen tension rod axial moving.
  4 screen number should be selected in accordance with the required particle size, according to the requirements of users of self.
  5 screen width equal to the length of the hopper file 200mm. Length should be able to guarantee the wrap angle of five hob, the two ends of the locking rod embedded screen slot and at least a week for the appropriate wrapping.
  6 hopper front cover and back cover of the gear shaft with an adjustment screw, you can adjust the five corners of the hob and gear axial clearance.
  Rock particles machine maintenance
  1, regular inspection of rock particles machine parts, was once a month, check the worm, worm, bearings and other activities are flexible and wear, found absenteeism depression should be repaired in a timely manner, not free to use.
  2, rocking granule machine should be kept in dry, clean room, the air shall not contain acids, and other parts with corrosive gases flowing place.
  3, rock particles machine once after use or shutdown, should remove the rotary drum washing and brushing bucket remaining powder, and then reassembled, prepare for the next use.
  4, such as stops for a long time, must will swing particle machine body wipe clean, parts of the surface coated with anti-rust oil, cloth on the cover.
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