Friction problem in boiling product structure and drying drying.
   Boiling dryer by induced draft fan, bag filter, high efficiency filter, the heating cabinet, console, electrical control system etc.. As a power 30K W fan, centrifugal fan air volume 5690~6973m3/h, pressure 3857~8148Pa, speed control by frequency converter. Using steam as heating radiator parts. The control system consists of touch screen, PLC and related electromagnetic valve, boiling dryer operation parameters set by the touch screen and display the real-time monitoring data.
  Scope of application of fluidized dryer is very wide, such as pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the granular, powdery or granular dry wet material and drug coating etc.. Thus, boiling dryer has played a huge role in pharmaceutical field.
  Boiling drier using process should pay attention to the impact of the material and the machine tool space ratio, drying time, effective drying material the size and shape of the drying effect, so as not to damage the quality of the products.
  The material in the fluid bed dryer boiling dry process, because the surface of dry gas and particle produces intense friction between solid particles, drying will produce violent collision and friction, and solid particles and the wall, the catcher and the pipe wall violent collision and friction, so that the solid particle surface with a large number of electrostatic; on the other hand, with the continuous refinement of solid particles, produced a new surface mass, surface charge balance state of the primary particles are destroyed, so that new particle surface with a lot of charge. Due to reasons of wall adhesion and aggregation, once, when the ground state is poor, can make the electrostatic charge accumulation formed a high voltage, which will cause electric spark electrostatic discharge generated under certain conditions. If the materials to be dried is flammable and explosive materials, the electrostatic spark easily suddenly combustion or explosion drying.
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