Relationship between cell type mixer and swing granulator
To improve the mixing permeability increase sinter output, on the sintering mixture balling balls with trough type mixing machine. To improve the sinter quality, effective measures for reducing energy consumption of sintering. The principle of ball groove made by mixing machine is the mixture into a ball in the rolling groove type mixer. Mixture in the trough type mixing machine hand rolling into a ball, on the other hand, has become the ball ball to withstand the mixture in the tank type mixing machine rolling impact damage, the rolling friction damage, down beat failure. Such as groove process parameters, mixing machine lining board design unreasonable, mixture in the tank type mixing machine not only has the rolling and sliding, unloading. Mixture in the sliding groove type mixer, the unloading process can not make the ball, and the destructive effect to the mixture of the ball. Tank mixing machine optimization design is based on how to prolong the mixture in the tank type mixing machine rolling distance, reduce the mixture pellet in the impact, groove type mixing machine friction, sliding and unloading.
  Optimization of groove, angle, speed mixer filling rate parameters.
  Nylon lining plate with a pattern of the internal groove type mixer. The internal groove type mixer with textured nylon lining the main objective to improve balling effect. Before the trough type mixing machine lining board lifting plate. It has reduced diameter groove type mixing machine work, on the other hand, lifting plate in working with material, to make the mixture drop formation in the trough type mixing machine, unfavorable to the ball. In order to solve this problem, Beijing Jindu metallurgical machinery plant developed nylon lining plate with patterns, the lining plate on the liner on the pattern, material abrasive lining to form a certain thickness, and the formation of a mixture of friction. The working groove type mixing machine by the friction of sintering mixture to a certain height, to make the mixture of rolling forming rules in the groove in the mixer, the mixture is very good balling
  Rock particles will be wet powder or lump material developed into required size, the wet powder mixture, in the rotating drum is rotating, the role of special equipment, mandatory through the screen and made particles.
  Swing principle of particle machine work without gravity mixer horizontal barrel body is provided with a biaxial rotation is reversed blade, the blade into the material along the axial, radial cyclic stir, the material's rotating speed and the blade rapidly mixing uniform horizontal mixed machine performance speed reducer drives the shaft structure can make material gravity is weakened, with gravity the lack of materials, the differences in particle size, proportion of the poor are ignored in the process of mixing. The stirring fierce and shorten the time of a mixed, more rapid, more efficient.
  Swing particle machine, mixer: structure, spiral design into the inner and the outer, left and right are inverse spiral, spiral drive stirrer is near the axis, the working principle and the horizontal mixer mixer
  Even with the specific gravity, particle size differences in staggered arrangement of materials, mixing blades rapid somersault away, can achieve very good mixing effect.
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