The basic task of boiling dryer granulation is mixing, granulation and drying.
Boiling drier is especially suitable for medicine and food drying and granulation, the prepared particles disintegrating degree of strong, good fluidity, good solubility, can be directly used in tablet, capsule, granule and solid beverage. Boiling dryer is one of the production process of solid preparation equipment commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly used in tablets, capsules, granules and other forms of particle production, is the ideal choice, powder mixing and granulating drying process.
  Boiling dryer is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry etc.. The material enters the air stream thrust movement in the hopper and expansion of the interior on forming the fluidized state, but the state is not very regular, not subject to strict control. Liquid through the installation of the expansion chamber pneumatic nozzle (the height of several adjustable) into the system. Granulation, atomized liquid should as far as possible the maximum coverage of the material flow, in order to concentrate particles distribution. Coating nozzle position, should adjust to the material movement is the most concentrated area, in order to make the droplets on the particle surface can be good spreading and forming a uniform thin film.
  The basic task of boiling dryer granulation is mixing, granulation and drying. The purpose is to mix, various drug evenly mixed together, in order to meet the requirements of content uniformity. Granulation is a powder mixture made of fine and uniform spherical particles, which has good liquidity, in order to meet the strict requirements of high-speed tablet on particle sphericity and homogeneity. High quality particle diameter should be 20~80 head in between the normal distribution, and contains a certain amount of fine powder. Two, one-step granulation. One-step granulator is the material accessories in a sealed container mixing, granulation, boiling dry finish in one time, particle preparation is usually said to have three steps, completed in a closed container in a, called one-step granulation. One-step granulator is foreign product, since early 70 began with the introduction of China, in the pharmaceutical use of nearly 30 years, to start mass production of the early 90's, this device is to use the new "GMP" standard workshop. Because step granulator is three in one machine, it takes three parameters into a whole, so the beginning of the operation of this machine is difficult. Especially the small factory technical force is weak, it is difficult to operate. One-step granulator is also so, as long as the change in the original basis of prescription of granulation, begin the experiment, from the sample. The parameter data is mature, and then began to put in the workshop, until mass production.
  Boiling dryer can not be normal production, not fully grasp the operation
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