Swing using particle machine in the production of feed grains
Rock particles as the process for production of feed grains in most of the major equipment has played an indispensable role. Rock particles machine is mainly suitable for crude fiber granulator, such as sawdust, rice husk, rod: cotton, cottonseed hull, weeds and other crops, straw and waste from factories, granulation of materials bonding rate is low, difficult to form, can also be applied to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and so on low temperature grain. Widely applied to big, in, small aquaculture, food feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium sized farms, farms, small or large, feed processing plants. ,
  Using the advantages of rocking particle machine
  Rock particles machine directly and effectively reduce the cost of feeding, help farmers interests. Rock particles machine adopts the transmission mode of the new, gear precision, energy consumption is low, can almost reach one hundred percent transmission, low consumption of mechanical energy consumption than conventional belt driving. Rock particles machine has the advantages of small volume, easy to move, can be directly used in household electricity to operate, avoid using power to drive, to avoid unnecessary expenses, rock particles machine is easy to operate, can be operated by one or two people, saving time and labour.
  The development prospects of rock particles machine
  The majority of farmers in the process of feeding, the direct purchase of animal feed and mixture so the price will be high, invisible in the increase of the cost of breeding. But the mechanization production of feed particles can effectively reduce the cost of feeding, a trend to large-scale farming, rocking granule machine in the material after crushing, added directly to the feed particle machine, through the pressure wheel and grinding roller, feed through the small hole disc extrusion, pressing wheel and disc rolling production the high temperature, the degree of curing feed reached about eighty percent, feed particle such, easy storage is not easy to deteriorate, edible animal increased eating, feeding process increases the appetite.
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