Boiling drying process convection drier elaborate
   Boiling drier particle diameter of 0.1-6mm for boiling drying, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry products, intermediate drying. Natural air blower pumping, via purifying cabinet, heater, the formation of high-speed airflow in the material bed plate hole, and the material in the boiling state, in gas-solid contact area of the materials in the rapid evaporation of water, so as to achieve dry. Purified air heated by the induced draft fan from the lower part, introduction, through the hole hopper stencil. In the boiling drier in the studio, formed by mixing and fluidization negative pressure, water is evaporated and removed quickly, fast drying material. Closed negative pressure operation, airflow through the filter. Boiling dryer has the advantages of simple operation, convenient cleaning, is in line with the "GMP" requirements of an ideal device. Dumping of grain by turning, convenient quickly and thoroughly, can also be designed by automatic feeding system.
  Boiling drier for purified air heated by the induced draft fan, introduced from the bottom, through the screen plate of raw material. In the studio, formed by mixing and fluidization negative pressure, water is evaporated and removed quickly, fast drying material.
  Boiling drier convection drying
  Boiling drier convective drying process, the hot air through contact with wet materials, submit the material surface heat to the surface of the material, which is a heat transfer process, and the wet material heating, surface water first gasification, internal moisture in liquid or gaseous diffusion to the material on the inner surface of the continuous gasification, air, so that gradually reduce the moisture, material drying, which is a mass transfer process.
  Boiling dryer is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, feed, chemical and other fields to wet the dry granular and powdered materials; drying devilstongue volume changes, Zou acrylamide and other materials, etc..
  Boiling drier application
  Boiling drier in the mechanism of screw extrusion particles, rock particles, high-speed mixing granulation wet particles.
  Medicine, food, feed, chemical industry drying wet granular and powdered materials.
  Large particles, patches, viscous block granular material.
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