Analysis of rock particles machine five fault reason
   Analysis of rock particles machine five fault reason:
  Fault analysis of 1 rock particles machine: the main motor issued abnormal sound.
  Causes: rolling main motor bearing pellet machine damage. A thyristor damage of main motor silicon controlled rectifier circuit.
  Solution: replacement of rolling main motor bearing pellet machine. Check out the extrusion system.
  Fault analysis of 2 rock particles machine: the main motor can't start.
  Causes: rock particles machine start-up sequence is wrong, should check whether the fuse is burnt; the main motor thread problem; linkage device associated with the main motor function.
  Disposal method: in the correct order to drive drive, check the order, check the rolling main motor circuit particle machine, chain device inspection related to the main motor state. The oil pump is not open, check the lubricating oil pump is started. The motor can not open, shut off the main power supply air classifier for 5 minutes after the restart, inverter induction is not put, check whether the reset the emergency button.
  Fault analysis of 3 rock particles machine: the main electric starting current is too high.
  Causes: the lack of large torque, heating time, a heater doesn't work.
  Disposal method: if not easily, using hand turning when driving, it prolonged heating or check each heater is working properly.
  Fault analysis of 4 rock particles machine: machine discharge not free or block.
  Causes: poor plastication. The molecular weight of a heater doesn't work or plastic distribution width. The operating temperature is low, unstable set. There may be foreign body is not easy to melt.
  Solution: replace if necessary, check the rock particles heaters, necessary and technology consultation. Check each set temperature; increasing the temperature set value; clean-up inspection system and die extrusion.
  Fault analysis of 5 rock particles machine: host current instability.
  Production: feeding is uneven, rocking granule machine main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication, no heating. A heater failure or phase is wrong, wrong screw adjusting pad, element interference.
  Disposal method: troubleshooting, check the swing feed particle machine, replace the bearing when necessary. Maintenance of the main motor, replace the heater when necessary. Check the heater is working correctly, pull out the screw check the screw has no interference phenomenon, check the adjustment pad.
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