Comparative analysis of vacuum dryer and the fluidized dryer performance advantage
Boiling drier in general by the heater, boiling bed main machine, cyclone separator, bag filter, a draught fan, operation table. According to the properties of different materials, can be optional or bag dust collector cyclone separator. Boiling dryer is the use of air through the heat exchanger after heating, the formation of air into the host through the valve plate distribution, wet material from boiling dryer feeder into the boiling dryer, by the action of wind pressure, the boiling state materials in fluidized dryer formation, and extensive contact with hot air, thus completing the material drying in a short time. Through the powder granulation, improve liquidity, reduce dust emissions; improving the solubility through the powder granulation; mixing and granulating, drying completed in one step inside the machine granulation; antistatic fabric, boiling dryer operation safety; the set pressure relief hole, once the explosion, boiling dryer personnel can not be damaged boiling drier; no dead angle, material loading and unloading fast, clean, meet the GMP specification. In the production process of solid preparation, boiling dryer is boiling dryer often selected. Boiling dryer with heat transfer effect is good, large production capacity, uniform temperature distribution, operation forms, material retention time adjustable, low investment cost and repair workload tumors. In the country after use and improvement of 30 years, has shown its unique status in the dry areas, there are more in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and so on more shows its important role.
  And the design of vacuum dryer for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, can be filled with inert gases, especially some compound material can dry quickly. Low oxygen content under low pressure when dry, can prevent dry material oxidation, can be dangerous goods dry flammable and explosive; be in low temperature water vaporization of material, easy to dry heat-sensitive materials; recycling dry materials in the valuable and useful components; can prevent the toxic and harmful substances in the dry material emissions, can become the environmental protection type "green" drying.
  The main advantages of vacuum dryer:
  1, a full set of process automation, piping, continuous, program.
  2, in the vacuum low temperature drying technology, thermal sensitive material invariance, no infection opportunity.
  3, suitable for all kinds of drying.
  4, the material drying degree (moisture) adjustable.
  5, energy consumption is only a centrifugal sprayer equivalent yield of 1/3.
  6, using the PLC touch screen control, and a continuous protection device.
  7 vacuum dryer, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation and debugging, suited for most conditions for.
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