With the continuous development of applied technology, boiling type and application of the dryer is also more and more
With the continuous development of applied technology, boiling type and application of dryer is also increasing, classification methods have different boiling dryer. According to the materials to be dried can be divided into three categories: the first category is granular material; the second category is the paste materials; the third category is the suspension and solution with mobility material. According to the operating conditions, basically can be divided into two categories: continuous and intermittent. According to the structure of state to general fluidization type, mixed flow type, vibration.
  Drying equipment is introduced from the above three aspects of boiling the drying equipment factory. From the operating conditions: GFG series efficient boiling dryer, FG series boiling dryer is intermittent, materials to be dried particles have certain requirements, general requirements of not less than 30 micron, not more than 4mm for the right. When several materials mixed together when dry, all kinds of material ratio should be close to. XF series high boiling drier, ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer is continuous, and can meet the requirements of continuous production.
  Boiling drying of material adaptability is better because, boiling drier than hot air circulation oven, covers an area of small, large production capacity, high thermal efficiency, and the dried product moisture uniformity. Compared with air drying, can be adjusted by the residence time of material in the fluidized bed length, so that products meet the expected rate of water.
  Natural air heated after purification, into the container by the fan through the porous plate pumping, mixing and under the action of negative pressure, the formation of fluidization, in a large area of gas-solid contact, material (solid) rapid evaporation of moisture in the exhaust pipe, with the discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of drying materials.
  Boiling drier features:
  1, the material in the hopper with stirring device, stirring and drying, so that the material is not easy to form the dead in the hopper, the material sucking by heat evenly, fast drying speed.
  2, the material hopper is tapered, can increase the material flow, facilitate the flow of material, and can adapt to the wide, each batch of up to 80~120kg/.
  3, collecting bag is made of filter material, anti-static light texture, easy assembly and disassembly and cleaning.
  4, boiling dryer is designed with a special gas distribution plate, the carrier gas flow in horizontal spiral into the boiling, the material flow into contact heat flow, absorb heat evenly, drying fast. Reduce the steam consumption, save the energy.
  The sampling device is prepared, the material in the hopper 5, may at any time sampling, in order to test the material drying end point, to ensure product quality.
  6, the boiling process is also provided with a cold air dryer, drying materials in a timely manner through the cold cold cut. Can prevent the material due to excessive heat metamorphism, ensures that the material drying quality.
  7, boiling dryer is made of special material for air filter, to
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