Tank mixing machine is how to produce in the industry?
Effect of slot type mixing machine can be divided into physical blend and chemical auxiliary, physical mixing by stirring single, two or more than two kinds of materials to produce mixture stirring form. Chemical auxiliary refers to the physical interaction with the chemical reaction, mainly to do sufficient chemical reaction, physical contact between the material and the material is mixed to a more comprehensive. Application of the mixing machine involved in all walks of life.
  Trough type mixing machine according to the physical properties of the mixed material composition, state, to determine what kind of model. Model selection for the production of finished restriction factor greatly.
  Single use of site arranged according to the specification, be considered good mixed size after the mixing machine feeding port, observation window, form of consider. Reasonable, appropriate arrangements will flow setup of the factors above make the production line more refined, make smooth reading.
  A simple procedure can be mixed machine platform structure of a single,
  Line groove type mixer and scale can be big or small. The simple form and complex automation production line configuration unequal. Distribution of spiral feeding machine lifting feeding, with electric control, packaging bag is simple, economic, practical process.
  The high requirements of the operation and process requirements, meet the conditions of production, to all kinds of automatic operation mode of feeding, weighing, batching, mixing and other auxiliary storage, reflected from the. Mixed production line at home has been a very good application, automated production line can meet mass production. Especially in the building materials industry, high yield, high standard, scientific automation has become the pursuit, large building materials manufacturers need production equipment pursuit, as part of the mixer core power.
  The screening process trough type mixing machine
  With the mesh on particle grading unit operation in accordance with the particle size is called screening.
  Need to hybrid screening. Drug production process, raw materials after crushing its particle size is not uniform. Screening tools used by the standard sieve. The sieve is Taylor and "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" Standard Specification for Taylor made standard is a number to each inch of containing an aperture and a wire and the (approximate) plus units as the screen name, such as per inch length has 100 single aperture and a single wire diameter and the screen is called the 100 mesh sieve. Chinese Pharmacopoeia "has provided nine kinds of sieve, sieve diameter sieve No., No. nine sieve diameter minimum. Details see appendix.
  The upper part of the screen and horizontal circular motion, screening machine used in the pharmaceutical industry's aperture is "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" reference made of rare screening machine is sifter circular vibrating sifter, electromagnetic vibration. Such as the structure of 99 circular vibrators and schematic diagram. Transmission shaft of an electric motor is provided with two unbalanced weight. The lower part of the network weight sand movement in the vertical direction, the synthesis of three-dimensional transport vibration screen. Material falling into the central part of the screen, screen, screen above the coarse material by the outlet, screening of material from the lower outlet. The screen diameter general pseudo 0.4 0.5 meters, each can be made from one to five layers of screen mesh.
  Vibration frequency and amplitude of the small high. Slide rail is installed inside the sieve, electromagnetic vibration is composed of an electromagnet, screen, frame, spring contactor, powder screening machine. Slide rail is arranged on the bracket, screen frame for supporting the electromagnetic vibration device, the screen mesh reciprocating movement along the slide rail. Material from the sieve of high-end join, coarse material is discharged from the lower port of the screen above, Department of materials from the screen below discharge. The vibration frequency is high, every 30003600 minutes, small amplitude only 0.51 can be used in the viscous drug screening points, the high screening efficiency.
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