What are the installation inspection using universal mill before and crushing the materials?
Installation method of universal mill
  1, and the power unit should be installed firmly. If the universal pulverizer long-term fixed operations, should be fixed in the cement foundation; if the mill is flow operation, the unit should be installed in the use made of the base angle, and to ensure that the engine (diesel or electric motor) and mill the pulley groove in the same plane of rotation.
  Check fastening parts fasteners installed 2, universal grinder, if loose to tighten. At the same time to check whether the belt tightness of fit.
  3, before starting, first hand rotating rotor, check the universal crusher claw hammer, and the rotor is flexible and reliable, shell has no collision phenomenon, the rotating direction of the rotor with the machine in the direction of the arrow, power machine and mill lubrication is good.
  4, do not change the pulley, to prevent excessive speed so that the crushing chamber explosion, work efficiency of grinder or speed too low impact.
  5, after the start should first idling for 2~3min, and then feeding work no abnormal phenomenon.
  Work should always pay attention to operation of universal mill, the feed should be uniform, to prevent clogging the stuffy car, don't long time work overload. If it is found that the vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature, outward spraying and other phenomena, should immediately stop check, troubleshooting before it can continue to work.
  Field of use and effect of universal mill
  Universal mill, mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy and other industries.
  The main material pulverizing dry brittle materials, materials more dry, the more likely they are to crushing, grinding after 2 hours, the general to temperature to 40-50 degrees.
  The food industry of pepper, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar, pepper, biscuits, bread, etc.
  The pharmaceutical industry of Chinese herbal medicines, but the fibrous materials with high recommend not using a universal grinder, use Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer.
  All kinds of bulk particulate material in chemical industry.
  Stamping powder metallurgy industry, defective products back to powder
  Sieve mesh mill can be customized, generally 2 times over, such as 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh,
  According to the reference material of flour 80-100 mesh sieve mesh, to choose their own needs, most people use 80 and 100.
  And the food industry in general use 20 head 60 head
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