The use of universal grinder and swing granulator in China
China's machine industry in a short span of nearly thirty years of development, has achieved the results attract people's attention. The last century eighty's, many manufacturing dryer in China less than one hundred thousand. After entering the new century, China's production has reached five hundred thousand kinds of drying machine. Machine industry in the development of a few years, experienced a growth process from scratch, from small to large.
  Although China's machine industry started late, but rapid development based on China's chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, China's machine industry huge market demand. In the past, China is still not independent production when a dryer, drying equipment required for the industry to spend high price to purchase from abroad. At present, China's machine industry has formed a huge industrial scale, in addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, China's production of dryer is out of the country, are exported to overseas.
  Universal grinder is a new granulation technology in recent years, the current widespread use of rotary dry press or roller press granulating machine. Universal pulverizer has the advantages of adding auxiliary materials in Chinese herbal medicine extract powder, can be directly granulation, without wet, mixing, drying and other processes, process is simple, can effectively ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. For a variety of materials, so the dry granulating machine pressure, feeding, crushing, pressing, whole grain speed can be adjusted, so that the operation of dry granulator requirements will be higher, general factory manufacturers will provide a relative parameters, but in practical use according to the material characteristics and requirements granular solid degree, particle size to make reasonable adjustments, general materials with good fluidity, the feeding speed can be slower, easy to form the material pressure can be smaller, for the situation of larger particles, grain crushing rate can slow down a bit, as long as it does not block the screen mesh can be, in the adjustment, the other parameters unchanged, changing a parameter adjustment.
  Swing granulator in the use of common:
  1, notice the crusher, granulator body temperature changes, with clean hands to touch the note left, should immediately warming. Note: until the normal.
  2, reducer bearing parts burned hand, or with the noise should be timely maintenance, and added a refueling.
  3, crusher, granulator main bearing chamber at both ends of the bearing parts hot burning hands or murmur, to overhaul downtime and lubricating oil. When in normal work, bearing once every 5-6 days to check the oil.
  4, pay attention to operation rules out crusher, granulator; such as: temperature, rotating speed, depending on the situation, the timely processing.
  5, crushing, granulating machine operation is not stable, should pay attention to check coupling anastomosis are too, in a timely manner to loosen some.
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