Operation of universal grinder and trough type mixing machine
   Universal mill operation notice:
  Universal mill at work to ensure a caretaker. Universal grinder in the external power supply should be based on the power of machine with suitable disconnector, aimed at overloading, overcurrent automatically cut off the power supply of large, in order to protect the motor! Particles should not be universal pulverizer shattered is too large, in case of boring machine (i.e. machine due to excessive loads lead to slow or speed clearly by the tempestuous waves stop), should be immediately cut off the power. If be crushed particles too large, should fall by universal crusher, and universal grinder.
  Tank type mixer operation notice:
  Tank type mixer load is not too large, generally by the motor load determination, heavy current with 380V motor when mixed, with no more than 6 amperes as normal, such as more than a load immediately reduce the mixing capacity; use should be performed before a cargo transfer test, should first check the machine all solid connection degree during commissioning, the integrity of the reducer lubrication oil quantity and electrical equipment, and then close the switch, the power supply, idling idling test; test should be the specification of fifteenth steps and requirements of each test. Without sound, bearing retainer abnormal high fever, reducer temperature helicopter undesirable phenomenon was found, it can be put into production; in operation for scraping groove wall materials, the application of bamboo tools, must not be hand, lest cause injury accidents; in the use of such as the discovery channel mixed machine vibration abnormal or send abnormal noises, should immediately stop check; propeller shaft seals should be kept clean, lest cause material blackening, metamorphism, mixing tank at both ends and leave a square hole, should be smooth, not to plug, to avoid the pressure, so that the dirt into the axis, the groove material, black metamorphism;
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