How to do the cleaning work of trough type mixing machine?
1 open the tank type mixer called doors and door, trachea to blowing, blowing dust on surface and material accumulation.
  2 pull the tank type mixer pipe or the pipe bending line, to ensure that no gas into the mixing machine. (to open the door of the circumstances, such as cleaning up accumulated material can homeopathic drop, and ventilation, or hybrid opportunities automatically close the door)
  3 gate
  4 into the groove type mixer, first with the wrench and nozzle, gas blowing net to be installed. Then the spade into the silo wall and the blade material. (shovel made, according to the mixing machine with the size of iron is welded to the pipes, hone block on the side of the line)
  5 according to needs could be human rotating blade to clean up the dead. After the cleaning and then loaded on the head.
  The 6 fan is fixed on said the door to blow, trough staff mixer into to wear long trousers, skin not exposed! Wear safety helmet, mask. Personnel have two people, a man entered a helper.
  7 to half an hour for the quasi substitutions work!
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