Universal grinder often need maintenance replacement parts are there?
   Because universal mill is widely used in all walks of life, so the domestic and foreign research and development of universal mill are very seriously.
  At present, China universal grinder Market has great potential, but the real vitality of the fist product is not much, still need to provide researchers and manufacturers of the invention, not only can solve practical problems is developed, and has universal pulverizer with high efficiency, to add up the technical gap in China and the world
  Universal grinder is composed of three parts, auxiliary machine, electric control box, compact design, reasonable structure, with a winnowing, non - sieve mesh. The machine is equipped with a classification mechanism, can make a complete crushing, grading. Negative pressure conveying the crushing cavity everfount time heat generated by the discharge, crushing it is also suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Universal mill of wide range of application, the production process of continuous, discharge size adjustable; can handle such as: chemical products, food, medicines, cosmetics, dyes, resins, shell fabric and other materials crushing and grading, this machine has reached the international advanced level.
  Universal mill operation taboos:
  1, the output shaft in E, namely the belt wheel e, avoid using a hammer blow, the damaged parts.
  2, is strictly prohibited in shutdown handwheel handle.
  Lubricating oil by 3, the governor, by using alkaline zinc high antifriction hydraulic oil, gear reducer for universal lubricating oil, must not use other machines without replacement.
  4, after 3000 hours of use, should be replaced with new oil, then uses 500 hours after the second oil, then use later changed every 1000 hours.
  Universal grinder often need maintenance replacement parts:
  Repair and replacement of a screen. The screen is made of thin steel or iron sheet punching. When the screen appears wearing or foreign matter breakdown, if damage area is not large, repair method of usable riveting filling or soldering; if damaged, should be replaced with new sieve. Install screen when, should make mesh belt burr face, smooth outwards, screen and screen frame to fit closely. Ring sieve piece when in installation, the overlap layer stubbles should follow the direction of rotation, to prevent sticking material in the lap joint.
  Two, bearing lubrication and replacement. Universal mill works 300 hours a day, should clean the bearing. If the bearing lubrication oil, add new oil to fill the void 1/3 bearing seat is appropriate, not more than 1/2 before operation, only will often cover type oil cup cover is screwed tightly touch can. When the universal grinder bearing severe wear or damage, should be replaced in time, and pay attention to strengthening the lubrication; the use of tapered roller bearings, should pay attention to check the bearing axial spacing, and keep it for 0.2-0.4 mm, if not, can increase or decrease the bearing cover at the pad of paper to adjust.
  The replacement of three tooth and claw, and the hammer. The crushing components, grinding tooth claw hammer is vulnerable and universal mill of feed, also affect the quality and the productivity of main components of crushing, grinding tooth claw and hammer of wear should be promptly replaced. Tooth and claw type universal pulverizer replacement tooth claw, should first disc pull out. Pull out before, first round nut open disc on the back of the lock plate, with a hook wrench and unscrew the nut, with special pull disc pull out. In order to ensure the rotor balance, change gear should pay attention to the complete change, change should be done after the static balance test, in order to make universal pulverizer is stable. Tooth claw assembly must tighten the nuts, and note don't short-shipped spring washers. Change gear should choose qualified parts, single tooth claw weight should be not more than 1.0-1.5 grams.
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