Structural characteristics of universal mill, swing particle machine, tank type mixer three equipment
   Universal grinder by mechanical force will bulk solid material crushing process suitable degree of fragments or powder.
  Drug universal mill crushed to the preparation of various forms, such as powder, tablet, suspension, capsule, improve the formulation of quality; by crushing it can accelerate the dissolution and diffusion of effective components in traditional Chinese medicinal materials, reduce solvent consumption, improve the leaching rate, make the detection more completely. In pharmaceutical production, need to be crushed in order to improve the drug and excipients, mixed compound drugs or drug and excipients uniform; increase the drug specific surface area, in order to facilitate the drug dissolution and absorption, make some difficult dissolving soluble drugs rate increase, improve its bioavailability;
  Swing mechanism is the powder particles size, melt, water solution state of the material is processed into certain shape and size of grains, also known as particle operation.
  Swing granulator is mainly composed of a power part, granulating part and a base. The power part comprises a motor, a belt drive, worm gear reducer, gear and rack drive structure. Granulation composed of hopper (made of rectangular stainless steel), composed of six roller screen angle, and the pipe clip.
  Swing granulator to force the extrusion mechanism. Motor makes the cylinder reciprocating swing left and right through the transmission system of six roller, roller, on which is fixed with a plurality of cross section is a trapezoid "scraper". With the help of the positive and reverse rotation blade on the wet material extrusion and shear, the material through the screen and different numbers of extrusion granulation.
  Swing granulator is currently the most commonly used granulation equipment of domestic pharmaceutical production. Has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, assembly and disassembly and convenient cleaning. Apply to wet granulation, dry granulation, and applies to the whole grain.
  Trough type mixing machine is mainly composed of a container, stirring slurry, cutting knife, a stirring motor, electric motor, electric controller and granulating machine.
  Tank type mixer will powder raw material and adhesive arranged in cylindrical container, mixed fully at the bottom to become humid soft material, and then by high-speed crusher and cut into uniform granules.
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