Application of trend and product structure of vacuum dryer
Vacuum drier belongs to static vacuum drying equipment, carrier material in baking tray is placed inside the square vacuum dryer, into the heat medium bracket, heat medium heat transfer to the material and drying by baking pan. Vacuum dryer by baking pan, bracket, box, vacuum system, heating system. The box is composed of wall, the compression shell, heat preservation layer, outer cover.
  Because of the vacuum, the boiling point of the environment of volatile is greatly reduced, so the vacuum dryer for drying heat-sensitive materials at low temperature, and drying at low temperature, heat sensitive materials with high boiling point solvents at high temperature oxidation, decomposition of heat-sensitive materials or metamorphic temperature, drying, solvent residue rate is low, recyclable solvent. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.
  The trend of application of vacuum dryer
  Vacuum drying machine industry is widely used in modern production process, in general he has three major trends:
  1 vacuum dryer with drying indoor relative hypoxia, low drying temperature, can avoid the pigment browning, fat oxidation, and a series of advantages, suitable for heat-sensitive food drying, and drying cost, equipment cost, are relatively low, vacuum dryer has the important status in the food drying.
  2 vacuum microwave drying has advantages of vacuum drying and microwave heating of both, is a drying technology is very promising, suggested that our country should speed up the development, the development of vacuum microwave drying device.
  The combination of the 3 microwave heating and vacuum dryer technology or other drying methods, the emergence of many new vacuum drying device, given new meaning and vitality of vacuum drying
  Vacuum dryer shell forming by stamping steel bending, welding, shell surface using electrostatic spray coating processing of high strength, the film is smooth and firm. The studio made of carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate bending and welding, between the studio and shell filling insulation cotton. Studio inside with sample shelf, used for placing various test items, the outer wall of the chamber are arranged around the mica heater. The door seal with silicone rubber seal, the box door provided with observation mirror. Evacuation with inflatable electrothermal vacuum dryer is controlled by electromagnetic valve, the electrical box on the left or the lower part of the box body, the front panel is provided with a vacuum gauge, electrical box temperature control instrumentation and control switch, electric appliance box is provided with electrical components.
  Vacuum drying machine can make the display and control to maintain a certain vacuum degree and the use of intelligent digital temperature control instrument setting, the studio.
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