Detailed structure of universal mill and the scope of application
Universal grinder is a newly developed using high-tech to domestic and foreign advanced technology of a new type of crushing equipment, this machine integrates crushing principle of various domestic and foreign traditional pulverizer of innovation, by a crushing principle. The traditional, bold ideas through our research staff, and synthesizes the domestic and foreign various grinding principle research into a set of three high-efficiency energy-saving crusher crushing principle as a whole, the machine with fineness analyzer, is a professional dedicated to the light body material, fiber material, brittle material, ductile materials model milling equipment special difficult crushing. Feeding the machine adopts the self-sucking type feeding, always safe production, replacing the traditional mill direct feeding, accidentally put the piece of metal that severely damaged crusher shortcomings. Universal mill fine production, processing, so the machine used in the production of low noise, no vibration.
  Structure of universal mill
  From universal grinder universal mill main components and mechanism: equipped with blade above and the striker plate broken; the grinding cavity; granular feed and fodder to feed device for crushing chamber; from the crushing chamber to remove mobile equipment delivery of feed powder collector breakage; variable speed mechanism, as well as the motor starting device and protective equipment. A general frame mounting assembly and mechanism.
  The main working parts of universal mill equipped with paddle crushing Chung a cd. Steel plate, two along the blade height adjustable bracket. Leaned blade flat and the disk plane angle is 2 °. The blade is straight, sharpened on both sides with cutting edge.
  The 6 special bracket pin working disc circumference of the pin on the suspended 76 hammer (12 per four stents hammer, while in the other two brackets, each of the 14 hammer).
  The central axis of the helix two asymmetric cantilever (chemical mechanical equipment reference), mixing elements of each length of the conical twin-screw mixer, which is around its axis (rotation), but also around the conical vessel; consists of a V type mixing machine, planetary activity (revolution); male, screw rotation by rotating convection makes the material continuously improve device near the cone wall generate shear cone surface of the pivoting arm, composite motion diffusion, thus achieve the purpose of mixing.
  Universal mill according to the requirement of design, the outer sheath (heating and cooling), spray, chemical products, widely used in medicine, pesticide, dye, building materials and other powder and the powder mixed reaction. The process requirements of the machine may be increased in the mixer barrel outer sheath, in order to achieve cooling or heating the material to the cooling medium through the jacket cooling general pump into the industrial water, heating with steam or electric heating oil.
  Universal grinder scope:
  Universal crusher is suitable for crushing the following materials: bamboo powder, fruit, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, konjac, Xuan Ma, rice husk, straw, corn cob, starch, food, dried small shrimps, fish, shellfish, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, seasoning, jujube, paper, board, plastic, chemical raw materials, sea products, condiments, feed, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, lees, furfural, cake, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, starch residue, tea, hair, soybean meal, cotton, refined cotton, cowhide, sheepskin, plant roots, stems leaf, flower, fruit, edible fungus, such as hundreds of complicated characteristics of material processing, chemical industry, building materials, the ideal is mill medicine, health care, culture, food, incense and other industries.
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