Boiling flow distribution in plate dryer and the role of universal mill grinding efficiency
Boiling drier in the distribution plate has two functions, one is the supporting material layer, two is the uniform distribution of gas. The distribution plate hole size, shape, distribution, porosity and so on fluid distribution is very important. Gas distribution is not uniform, will make the bed in a "Circulation", which tend to be extremely easy to make some parts of the bed layer in a "channeling", while the remaining part is the death bed, then most of the gas along some channel bed in order to "form short channeling" through the bed away, the gas solid contact much worse, it should be to avoid. Design of the distribution plate good, should not uniformity appears to suppress the bed, namely when the bed layer in certain parts of the pressure drop, flow velocity increased, generated by increased distribution board should be able to prevent the flow resistance, thus suppressing deterioration of fluidization.
  At present the majority of boiling dryer using the air distribution plate form is single, the perforated plate or mat shape net vertical, the material in the fluidization process is easy to appear the fluidization uneven or the dead angle and so on, can not ensure the uniformity grain products, while a single hole form cannot meet the requirements of different production process drugs. On the other hand, in order to reduce the leakage loss of drugs, the current widespread use of multilayer network structure, the airflow distribution board and the bed body with a bolt fixing, inconvenient disassembly, not easy to clean and problems caused by residual cross contamination etc.. Recommendations: the use of computer fluid dynamics model of heat and mass transfer, model, distance, the hole in the air distribution plate design aperture, porosity parameters such as aerodynamics, Thermodynamics Simulation and verification, to meet the requirements of the production process of different materials. In the installation, connection is made detachable, in order to ensure quick and thorough, complete cleaning.
  Universal grinder is a welcomed by the majority of users of the products and equipment in mill products series, universal grinder has the advantages of simple structure, strong, the operation is also very simple, and the operation is very stable, with crushing effect very good, other materials of powder particle size can be adjusted according to requirements.
  High crushing efficiency is the main reason of universal grinder, welcomed by the majority of users, so universal mill efficiency come from?
  First of all, universal grinder has the structure design is very reasonable body, placing and smash the material more convenient material.
  Second, universal mill according to the design cycle can be crushed, crushed materials will pass through the filtering screen machine, powder fineness standard across the screen, and some coarse material was left to crushing, until reaching the standard!
  Third, universal grinder adopts advanced technology, high-quality materials for manufacture, the body can effectively avoid overheating and failure rate is low, so it can greatly enhance the work efficiency!
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