Introduces the characteristics and advantages of the 3 kinds of different vacuum dryer
Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries the powdery, granular and fibrillar material concentration, mixing, drying and low temperature drying material (such as biochemical products), more suitable for easy oxidation, volatile, heat-sensitive strong stimulation, toxic material and is not allowed to destroy the crystal the drying of materials. The belt / chain two elastic connection mode, so the smooth operation of equipment. Process design, fully embodies the good concentricity of the two supporting shaft, rotating joint heat medium and vacuum system are reliable mechanical seal or the United States of America technology. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer can be stepless speed regulation, and can control the temperature of. The heat medium goods are available in all varieties. From the high temperature heat-conducting oil, the temperature of steam and hot water. Drying viscous material, will be in the tank of your special design "copy board" structure.
  Plate vacuum dryer
  Plate type vacuum drier also known as disk vacuum dryer, is the basis of stirring transmission dryer in intermittent, synthesizes a series of advanced technology, through continuous improvement and the development of a multi-layer fixed hollow heating disc (also known as the material loading disc harrow), mixing, vertical continuous drying device to conduction dominated.
  Low-temperature cinctured continuous vacuum dryer
  Low-temperature cinctured continuous vacuum dryer is a high efficient and energy saving drying equipment to develop a new concept developed in the conventional spray drying and freeze drying of advantages and disadvantages were repeated after comparison.
  Between each process in continuous low temperature vacuum dryer is between the above two kinds of equipment, it can make dry product is formed inside the porous shape, original material properties, keep the appearance of the product is good, because it is a vacuum low temperature drying, so it can meet the processing is the most heat sensitive material requirements.
  Continuous low temperature vacuum dryer broke under the state of vacuum continuous technical problems of material, make the static drying successfully transformed into dynamic drying. In greatly improves the drying product production and the production cost overall decline.
  High viscosity, low temperature continuous vacuum dryer is particularly suitable for spray drying and vacuum drying oven is difficult to solve the high fat, sugar and other materials drying. And to keep the stability of the product batch is good and consistent.
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