Trough type mixing machine instructions and the matters needing attention, equipment maintenance knowledge
Trough type mixer is used in mixing the laboratory different proportion of dry or wet powder, and produces no material melting, evaporation or deterioration in the mixing process.
  Trough type mixer is applicable to chemical, food, and other industrial sectors and small batch mixed main and auxiliary materials, different, it is not applicable to hybrid semi solid, liquid or too high viscosity materials.
  Trough type mixer for the frame, transmission system flexible operation, balance, stirring slurry and workpiece contact material are made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, can maintain the quality of mixed materials, make no pollution, no discoloration.
  Transmission mechanism mainly uses the worm gear, worm drive directly, without too much noise, and there is enough oil storage quantity, can get good lubrication, and improve the service life of the machine.
  There is a spiral blade U type trough plasma shaft, pushing the material for complex flow, can obtain good mixing effect.
  A, trough type mixing machine instructions and the matters needing attention
  1, before the use should be an idle running, should first check trough type mixer all the connection firmness piece in the test, integrity in the reducer lubrication oil amount and electrical equipment, and then close the switch, the power, of idling test.
  2, idle test requirement item by item test. In the absence of noise, bearing retainer is not normal, fever reducer temperature helicopter such bad phenomenon was found, it can be put into production.
  3, in operation for scraping mixer tank wall material, and application of bamboo tool, must not be hand, lest cause hand injury accident.
  4, in the trough type mixer use of such as the discovery of abnormal machine vibration or send abnormal noises, should immediately stop check.
  5, mixing machine load is not too high, generally by the motor load to determine the load current, 380V motor when mixed, with no more than 6 amperes as normal, such as over load should be immediately reduce the mixing volume.
  6, propeller shaft seals should be kept clean, lest cause material blackening, metamorphism, mixing tank ends in the outer gear with square hole, should be smooth, do not allow the jam, lest the counter pressure, so that the dirt into the axis, so that the materials in the tank blackening, metamorphism.
  7, management personnel must be familiar with the trough type mixer technical performance, internal structure, control structure using principle. During the period of operation shall not leave the place of work, to prevent the occurrence of the fault and the damaged parts, to ensure the safety of production as the premise.
  Two, trough type mixer maintenance instructions
  1, regular checking, 1-2 per month, check the project for the worm and worm wheel, bearing, seal and the moving parts is flexible rotation and wear, find the defects should be repaired in time, so that the slot type mixer can normal use.
  2, machine lubricating: reducer lubrication by oil immersed, the oil must be standard in the oil line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as often use should be every three months for a new oil should be replaced at the same time, the speed reducer is washed clean, add new oil.
  3, mixing machine electric control parts, should be kept clean, sensitive, find the fault should be repaired in a timely manner.
  4, once after use or shutdown, should remove the residual material mixing tank, cleaning residual powder of each part of the machine. Such as stops for a long time, must be the trough type mixing machine all clean, and with a tarpaulin cover.
  5, stirring paddle assembly should be light, stable installation, disassembly with care, so as not to damage
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