Effect of rolling 2 specifically analyze the cause mechanism of particle particle
Effect of chemical composition of 1 materials contained in one of the reasons for particle particle swing mechanism
  Different materials have different granulating characteristics, this is mainly because of the different chemical composition and physical properties of their containing has different degree of influence on granulation.
  The fat. Fat with lubrication, liquidity can make the material through the die hole, reduce the frictional resistance. Its source has two feed itself and external added. Feed itself contains fat, in the granulation process by organizations outside the permeability, is conducive to the granulation, and reduce die wear and increase yield of. In the production of high energy feed, the need to add all kinds of grease, but the amount of time (generally 3% to limit), the particles become soft, the decline in the quality, the low rate of finished products, rocking granule machine die wear increases. Therefore, when the need to add grease quantity, can be obtained by granulating after grease.
  The cellulose. Cellulose is thought to have polymerization ability, can play a role on the mixture. But the amount is too much are not easy to squeeze through the die hole, difficult to form particles. This is because the rock particles machine mould hole into the feed need larger force, this will not only shorten the die life, but also the production will be affected, but can be made of hard particles.
  The protein. Proteins with thermoplastic and node. So in the granulation process, protein because of frictional effects after heated, plasticity increase the feed, is conducive to the granulation.
  The starch. Effect of starch on the granulation is restricted by temperature. High starch content of feed with high protein feed, feed density, easy. But high starch content of feed protein quality is often low, under the condition of low temperature to a (paste ratio), easy made brittle pellet feed.
  Effect of 2 material physical properties of particle particle swing mechanism
  The particle size. The particle size of the direct impact granulating effect, when the particle size is small, easy granulation, this is because; large surface area, be helpful for heat and moisture absorption, easy; the particle size, the density and thus to increase the yield and quality of pellet feed. Of course, granule feedstuff product pressing different diameter should adopt corresponding grain leather. General requirement feed granularity uniform (not containing large particles), proper distribution, the suppression of particles with good appearance quality, yield can be increased by l0% L 5%.
  The moisture content. The moisture content of pellet ago is a very important parameter, the maximum moisture content 18%. If more than 18%, will cause the rock particles machine mould hole plug. So the application in general should be controlled under L 6%. Effect of moisture on granulation, and is closely related to the presence of water form. When the water content of material more than a certain amount, water will be white by the state in the form of existence. The amount of this kind of existence form of water (usually called white by moisture), will be attached to the particle surface and the formation of water film, can reduce the friction resistance of die hole, prolong the service life of die. In addition, it can water natural teach agent, help to improve the pellet quality. However, the free moisture content should not be too large, generally should not exceed 6%, otherwise the pellet will become soft, pressure roller is easy to "slip", cannot pass the die hole, but reduce yield and quality.
  The bulk density. The different material with different density. In general, bulk density of small material, high cellulose content, so it is not conducive to the granulation, yield smaller, more energy. In addition, the cereal material containing significant better moisture absorption, quenching and tempering effect is good.
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