The drying equipment commonly used: tank type mixer, swing particle machine, universal mill
Trough type mixer is used for mixing of powdery or wet, the different ratio of main materials mixed evenly, widely applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries of the powder mixture. Trough contact mixed with raw material are made of stainless steel, the blade and the barrel body clearance is small, mixed no dead angle, the stirring shaft are provided with a sealing device, can prevent the materials from diarrhea, hopper with button control, convenient discharging, especially suitable for uniform requirements, material specific weight difference of mixer.
  Trough type mixer has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, beautiful appearance, small occupation area, easy to clean, good mixing effect etc.. Mixer unit through the mechanical rotation, so that S impeller rotation, drive material turning to and fro, uniform mixing, when operating with electric control, set the mixing time, then shut down automatically, so as to improve the mixing quality of each batch of material.
  Trough fault mixer may arise, basically have the following kinds, including start-up, vibration, leakage and so on host host. Then the usual how attention to these aspects?
  First, startup difficulties and can not start, generally attributed the cause that causes this kind of phenomenon for the following three cases, including three corresponding solutions: 1, full load and overload running, solution: reduce the load, the first operation after feeding; 2, the power does not access, lack of phase, countermeasures: please electrician access to power, check the line; 3, the voltage is too low, countermeasures: to avoid peak electricity or ensure that the voltage is normal.
  Second, trough type mixing machine vibration and noise is noise, including the five factors and five solutions: 1, corresponding to the shaft damage, countermeasures: changing the propeller shaft; 2, the installation is not adjusted, countermeasures: to install and adjust the mixing machine level; 3, the propeller leaf damage, countermeasures: the replacement of a spiral blade; 4, transmission machine damage, countermeasures: replace the gearbox damage; 5, no lubricating oil or lubricating pump has no oil supply, countermeasure: add oil or oil pump replacing or cleaning the oil pipeline blockage.
  Third, slot leakage mixing barrel body, this phenomenon is mostly because of the sealing parts, as follows: 1, viscous material entering the seal, the solution is to clean the seal; 2, seals aging or damaged, countermeasure is to replace the seal.
  Swing granulator is a rotating cylinder with a swing function, through the wire sieve can research into the wet powder material particles, can be widely used as grinding has become pieces and become used ready-made particles. Rock particles is not suitable for semi solid, liquid, paste or wear with.
  Rock particles in the chemicals used as wet alloy powder grinding into particles, after drying for compressed tablets, and can crush during storage and clot or caking in chemical process industries in pieces, used for processing the sweets and sugar mixture and malt milk products in the food industry, on the other the industry such as ceramics, plastics and other mixture become forming particles.
  Universal grinder adopts mixed design dusting method designed, suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, use a very wide range of. Efficient crusher machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly and cleaning of the crushing chamber, crushing any contact with the material part of interior, are made of stainless steel, acid corrosion, the crushed material can meet the requirements of health. Universal grinder convenient movement, stable operation, low noise, good crushing effect, low power consumption.
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