Trough type mixer, universal grinder and rock particles machine use.
The use of the advantages and disadvantages of trough type mixer:
  (1) is generally used in weighing, mixing and granulating before, and rocking particle machine supporting the use, the purpose is to make the material to achieve mutual evenly distributed, to ensure accurate medicine dosage.
  In the dry powder mixing process with adhesive or wetting agent;
  (2) the main motor drives the impeller rotation. Because the blade has a certain shape curve, generated by the rotation of the direction of the thrust of the material, material changes, to achieve uniform mixing purposes. Auxiliary motor can make the mixing tank is tilted 105 degrees, so that the material poured out;
  (3) general charging accounts for about 80% of the volume of the mixing tank;
  (4) disadvantages: low mixing efficiency, long mixing time; seal both ends of the stirring shaft is easy to leak powder; mixing dust, pollution of the environment, adverse to human body health;
  (5) the advantages: low price, simple operation, easy to repair.
  The use of the advantages and disadvantages of swing granulator:
  1, plug machine
  Reason: in the machine for high water content, initial boot;
  Countermeasures: first, hydrophobic before the start, first dry granulation, die preheating, slow steam to tempering temperature.
  Reason: the roller wear too much or roller does not rotate;
  Countermeasures: check after the replacement.
  Reason: the formulation of raw materials caused by pressure or no grain;
  Countermeasures: check whether the formula of crude fiber is too high or other detrimental to granulation component is too high, adjust the formula or matching the appropriate aperture and compression ring modulus ratio.
  Reason: the other;
  Countermeasures: check whether such as die roll gap, host load capacity, feeding uniformity, other mechanical failure caused by abnormal discharge.
  2, the safety pin is sheared
  Reason: suppression of overload operation, chamber into the foreign body (Tie Za), a safety pin (key) intensity is not enough;
  Countermeasures: clearance checks the pressure chamber scrap, waiting for the exact cause of recovery.
  3, double drive type unilateral overload
  Reason: the belt transmission type bilateral tension is inconsistent, uneven load sharing;
  Countermeasures: boot state adjustment tension degree to fit.
  4, spent material
  Possible reasons: to swing granulation mechanism of granular uneven mixing, pelleting bin has to be before the batch material residual, die hole (pressure chamber) within the block machine material without extrusion (thorough), after granulating process is not thorough...
  Countermeasures: decisive stop check!
  5, hot stuff
  Possible reasons: cooler halfway go empty, granulation speed too fast cooling time is not enough, the wind path fault...
  Countermeasures: strengthen equipment maintenance inspection and process inspection!
  Common digital indicators granulation:
  The use of the advantages and disadvantages of universal mill:
  Universal mill material moisture loss in general 0.5-1.0
  Universal mill sieve is generally less than 1 mm for ring die
  Granular material general cooling than room temperature 5 ℃
  The finished pellet feed water for 12~13, non perishable, low cost
  Powder in the conditioning device for 40-45 second best
  Powder modified general steam consumption of 6 ﹪
  Quenching and tempering temperature 15 ℃ powder with powder 1% moisture
  Powder after quenching and tempering moisture content of not more than 18% of the total.
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