Analysis of particle particle breakdown and swing mechanism of universal mill structure description
The mechanism of rock particles grain quickly, good effect, filter design special hole, careful screening, the friction filter rod can crushing sieving solid particle, is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry. Rock particles can substitute for swing granulator, is a new generation of particle equipment.
  In the swing granulator pellet production, sometimes the appearance of particles is not normal, for lack of experience or a new feed manufacturers, sometimes can not find the crux of the problem where. The following one by one analysis:
  1, the swing mechanism of grain out of the material particles of a single particle or individual particle color inconsistencies, commonly known as "flower material"
  Mainly for the individual particles of ring die extruding from the color than the other normal particle color deep or shallow, surface color or single particle inconsistency. The reasons of this phenomenon are: Aquatic fodder recipe ingredients complex, interaction in the raw material mixing and control process and moisture, temperature and pressure, raw material physical and chemical changes occur, resulting in material color change of different components are not consistent, "flowers"; for the raw material moisture content of granulation is not induced. So it is difficult to feed in the mixed water can be evenly distributed. When the raw materials enter the conditioner conditioning, because the conditioner is impossible in a short period of time so that the water in the steam further distribution, under the action of the various parts after quenching and tempering, feed in curing effect is not consistent, after granulating color change is not consistent; with repeated granulation to pelleting bin in the back of the machine. Pelletized granule materials after cooling and sieving, to become the finished material, fine powder or granule material screening after re entering often granulation process, usually into the mixing machine or be pelleting bin, because this is the material to be quenched and tempered and granulation, the modified if and other raw materials mixed unevenly or inclusions are back to the small particles, for some feed formulation, can sometimes have a "flower"; ring diameter of die hole wall roughness is not consistent. Because the mould hole finish inconsistent, by particles during extrusion resistance and pressure is not the same, the color change is not consistent. In addition some ring die hole wall has a burr, particles will scratch the surface of the extruded surface color, the individual particles of different.
  The improved method is mainly mixed control blend components in the uniformity and the added moisture uniformity; to improve the properties of quenched and tempered, quenching and tempering temperature control when necessary, using quenched and tempered low temperature to reduce some of the color change; control back to the machine, for easy to produce "flower" formulation, as far as possible not to machine material directly granulation, should put back to the machine and re mixing raw materials after crushing; the ring mould quality has safeguard, control die hole finish, when necessary, to die for sand grinding before use.
  Particle material 2, swing mechanism of particle particle bend and side showed many cracks
  In production, when the cutter position adjusting ring die far from the surface and edge on a bluff, extruded from the die hole particles are cutting knife break or tear instead of being cut off, the part of particles and the other side is bent to the side there are many cracks. The particles into the cooler or transport process, often breaks from the crack caused by particles, powder to produce excess material.
  Method: increase the ring die feed on compressive force, the feed particle more fine some, adjust the cutter from the ring die surface distance or replacement using a sharp knife, using the granulating agent bond class.
  3 vertical cracks, granular material
  The appearance of granular materials that contain large particles, the large particles of raw materials in the quenched and tempered, it is difficult to fully absorb the moisture and heat in the steam, unlike other fine raw material easy to soften, and during cooling, the softening degree is different, resulting in shrinkage difference, so that radiation type crack, the pulverization rate increase.
  The improved method is to control powdery feed material thickness and evenness, which can make all the raw materials are able to fully and uniformly softening in quenching and tempering.
  Structure of universal mill
  From universal grinder main components and mechanism: above with the blade and a striker plate broken; a grinding chamber; granular feed and feed into the feeding device of the crushing chamber; used to remove from the crushing chamber equipment delivery of feed powder collector breakage; transmission mechanism, starting device and protective equipment and motor. A general frame mounting assembly and the mechanism.
  The main working parts universal mill equipped with paddle crushing Yong a cd. Steel plate, two along the blade height adjustable adjustable bracket. Leaned blade flat and the disk plane angle is 2 °. The blade is straight, with both sides of the cutting edge sharpening.
  Along the 6 special support pin work disc circumference of the pin on the suspension of 76 hammer (12 per four stents hammer, while in the other two brackets, each of the 14 hammer).
  The central axis of the cantilever screw two asymmetric (chemical mechanical equipment reference), stirring component cone each of the length of the double screw mixer, which is around their own axis rotation (rotation), but also around the conical vessel; consists of a V type mixer, planetary activity (revolution); male, spiral rotation by rotating convection makes the materials continuously improve device near the cone wall generated shear cone surface of the pivoting arm, composite motion diffusion, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing.
  Products according to the requirement of the design, the outer sheath (heating and cooling), spray, chemical products, widely used in medicine, pesticide, dye, building materials and other powder and the powder mixed reaction. The process requires the machine may increase in the mixer barrel outer sheath, in order to achieve cooling or heating the material to the cooling medium through the jacket cooling general pump into the industrial water, heating steam or electric heating oil.
  Universal grinder has the advantages of small size, structure of precision, low noise, high fineness, drugs without loss, when no dust, no vibration, animal, plant, mineral can be crushed, speed, only 0.2-1 minutes into fine flour, pulverizing the medicine not the string color smell, crushing effect of small type high speed grinder for traditional Chinese medicine the most ideal, Chinese and Western medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, minerals, soil, grain, coal, experiment teaching material, is the clinic, clinics, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, specialty hospitals, hospital pharmacy family, scientific research institutes, laboratories, research institutions, colleges and universities preferred models of small dose of instant crushed.
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