Analysis of universal mill universal mill blockage reason, solutions
Universal mill is one of the main equipment in feed factory producing feed, the normal operation of production, efficiency and reliability directly behind the process of universal mill operation. Therefore, the analysis and processing of universal mill system common fault repair and operating personnel to learn, and excluded in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, it is not important. The corresponding fault universal mill can be divided into mechanical and electrical fault. The following universal mill jam fault analysis.
  Universal grinder blocking is one of the most common fault universal mill use, may have the machine design problems, but more because of the use of improper operation. There are three reasons:
  (1) the feed speed, load increases, causing blockage. In the process of feeding, pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle is big, if more than the rated current, show that motor overload, overload a long time, will burn out the motor. Appear this kind of circumstance should immediately reduce or close the discharging door, can also change the feed way, by increasing the feeder to control feeding quantity. The feeder is a manual, automatic two, users should choose the right feeder according to the actual situation. Because universal mill high speed, load, and load the volatility of the strong. Therefore, the current universal mill work of the general control in about 85% of rated current.
  (2) the discharge pipe is blocked or clogged feeding too fast, will make the universal pulverizer outlet plug; and the conveying device mismatch will cause discharging pipe wind weakened or calm after blocked. Found fault, should first clear to send port change conveying equipment not matching, adjust the feed rate, so that the normal operation of equipment.
  (3) the hammer pieces, aging, screen hole closed, ragged, crushing the material moisture content is too high will make the universal mill jam. Should be regularly updated and serious aging broken hammer, keep the universal mill in good working condition, and regularly check the screen, moisture of material grinding rate should be lower than 14%, it can improve the production efficiency, but also make the universal grinder is not blocked, enhanced the reliability of the universal mill.
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