Vacuum dryer industry is widely used in modern production process
   Vacuum dryer can get higher drying rates at low temperature, sufficient heat utilization, suitable for heat sensitive materials and containing solvent and recovering solvent drying. Before drying, can be disinfected, any impurities in the drying process of the dryer without mixing, belongs to static vacuum dryer, the drying material body can not be damaged. Vacuum drying is the dried material in the vacuum condition for heating and drying. It is to take air and humidity out by the vacuum pump, the vacuum state formation in the studio, reduces the water's boiling point, speed drying.
  Vacuum dryer industry is widely used in modern production process:
  1 vacuum dryer with drying indoor relative hypoxia, low drying temperature, can avoid the pigment browning, fat oxidation, and a series of advantages, suitable for heat sensitive food drying, and drying cost, equipment cost, are relatively low, vacuum dryer has the important status in the food drying.
  2 vacuum microwave drying absorbing the merits of vacuum dryer and microwave heating, drying technology is a very promising, suggested that our country should speed up the development, the development of microwave vacuum drying device.
  The combination of 3 microwave heating and vacuum dryer technology or other drying methods, the emergence of many new vacuum dryer, endowed with new meaning and vitality of vacuum drying.
  4 when the oil is heated, the use of automatic temperature control, can dry the biochemical products and mineral raw materials, temperature is between 20 ~ 160 ℃, temperature 2 ℃. High thermal efficiency, increased more than 2 times than the general oven. Indirect heating, the material can not be polluted, conform to "GMP" standard. Vacuum dryer repair has the advantages of simple operation, easy to clean.
  Vacuum dryer is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry for low temperature drying of dry goods, has the advantages of fast, small pollution, not to be damaged the intrinsic quality of the dry goods.
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